Top 10 European Cities For The Perfect Erasmus Experience

Thinking of studying abroad, but not sure where to go? Keep reading to discover the best destinations for Erasmus students.
best places to study abroad

Studying abroad as an Erasmus student is a unique experience that will change you forever; so choose wisely to make sure you have the perfect stay. But where are the best places to study abroad? A recent study by Uniplaces, the leading global student accommodation site, surveyed more than 26,000 university students about their favorite Erasmus destinations.

Here are the top 10 Erasmus cities (in reverse order, to make it more exciting!)

10. Regensburg

Regensburg is an historic German city located in Bavaria. Most students agree that the best part of studying in Regensburg is enjoying a good quality of life. Its UNESCO historical centr ris home to picturesque buildings and medieval monuments. Pop by Historische Wurstküche for good sausages and beer by the 500-year-old stone bridge.

best places to study abroad

9. Prague

The Czech capital is popular amongst university students mainly due to its low cost of living and crazy nightlife. It’s perfect location in the heart of Europe makes it very cheap and easy to visit other destinations, such as Vienna or Budapest. The neighborhoods of Vinohrady and Zizkov have more pubs per square meter than anywhere else in the world. See it for yourself!

8. Budapest

Low prices and an incredible nightlife are two of the main reasons why students choose Budapest as their Erasmus destination. Apart from partying in local bars and pubs, you can also enjoy world-class jazz concerts, chill out in one of the city’s famous spas or visit the Hospital in the Rock nuclear bunker museum.

7. Barcelona

Why is Barcelona so popular amongst foreign students? Because it’s one of those cities that has it all: beaches, good weather, great food, and excellent accommodation options. Barcelona is also one of the best Spanish destinations for going out, with cool hotspots such as Razzmatazz and Apolo. SInce an Erasmus year is not just about partyng, you can also enjoy the city’s incredible Modernist architecture.

best places to study abroad

6. Porto

Porto is another ideal Erasmus destination. It’s cheap, historic, charming, crazy and student-friendly. The Ribeira area is a magnet for university students on Monday nights when bars offer huge cocktails for just a few euros. Its São João summer festival, which takes place in June, is a unique experience you can’t miss. The whole city goes mad!

5. Seville

Erasmus students choose Seville for its low prices and its excellent quality of life. It is one of the hottest Spanish destinations, so you can do outdoor activities all year round! Think of walking, sightseeing or having a few beers on a terrace. Seville is also a great place for biking. The nightlife in areas like Alameda, Alfalfa, Nervión, and Calle Betis will not disappoint.

4. Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania is strategically situated for lots of budget traveling during your Erasmus experience: Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Sweden and Finland are all nearby. Add a low cost of living and a great university atmosphere, and you have the perfect Erasmus destination. If cold winters scare you, do not worry—Lithuanian beer, vodka, and strong liqueurs will sort you out.

3. Lisbon

It’s not surprising that the Portuguese capital has become one of the trendiest places in Europe. With its slow pace of life, low prices and proximity to the Atlantic, the city fits all the criteria of an Erasmus student. Bairro Alto is the place to go for cheap and good cocktails. Moreover, Lisbon is only a 20-minute train journey away from the beaches in Cascais. What else can you ask for?

2. Oulu

The fact that this Finnish city is not particularly cheap doesn’t disqualify it as one of the best Erasmus destinations. Oulu is still unknown to many but offers a different experience to travelers who don’t mind cold and snowy winters. It has a vibrant music scene and is home to several events, such as its annual Qstock rock festival.

1. Madrid

Madrid tops the list of best Erasmus destinations. Students fall in love with the Spanish capital’s all-night party scene. As far as going out is concerned, Madrid has it all, from huge nightclubs like Kapital to tapas bars in La Latina or cocktail bars in trendy Chueca or Malasaña areas. And there is more than partying; enjoy its excellent museums, parks, quirky markets and shops.

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best places to study abroad

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