The recruitment process at Babbel

What to expect when you are applying.

Either if you are starting your career or if you are a more seasoned professional… facing a recruitment process can be both exciting and daunting and having clarity on what to expect and what is expected from you is key to put those nerves down.

At Babbel, we continuously revise our recruitment process for technical roles with different teams and communities in order to provide a quick, efficient and consistent interview process. We know that this is key to understanding the candidate’s needs and what we can do as Babbel for a smoother process.

On our side, the TA team ensures flexibility with interview scheduling, fair assessment and providing support with information to related questions. At each stage to get back to you within 2-3 working days and ensure a quick, efficient and consistent interview process.

Let’s dive on the different stages of the process.

1. Your CV is sent and it is time for the first call

We know that candidates have invested lots of time in their  application so far, so we will take 30 min in a call with one of the talent acquisition members to discuss the career experience, assess qualifications, role fit and to understand expectations and motivation for the application.

Insider tip: Ahead of this call we encourage candidates to go through Babbel’s website and have a look at our values, learn about our culture in our Inside Babbel interviews and read a couple of our Babbel Bytes tech blogs.

2. Meeting the Hiring Manager

This call will be scheduled for 60 min and the main goal is to deep-dive into the technical expertise and your overall trajectory and to assess the job fit for the role and the team.

This is also, right opportunity to explore the development and growth areas in the role and team.

3. Showcase your skills in a Take-home or Live coding challenge

In this stage we assess the technical expertise in the areas that are specific to the role that the candidate is applying for. 

The candidate can choose between two options:

  • Take-Home Challenge:  A task is given and the candidate has  7 days to complete it and send the solution to us.
    Once we have reviewed the submission and if the feedback is positive we set up a 90 min interview with 2 senior stakeholders from the team. The goal is to discuss the solution and deep-dive into the  technical know-hows, ways of working and the relevant career experience.

This is a great  chance to ask the stakeholders about the tools and technologies used in the team. 

  • Live Coding Interview:  A task to work on relevant to the role is provided and we will schedule a 60 min call with the stakeholders for technical assessment. In this interview we usually provide you with a set of instructions and structure of the entire live coding challenge before the call. 

4. The final stage: Meet and Greet the team

This stage of the process is optional and depends on the role requirements. In this 45 min session, the candidate gets the chance to meet the team members and have an opportunity to understand what a day looks like working at Babbel. The goal is to give a clear picture of the team dynamics and the set-up. 

We aim to give feedback  within 3 working days. And that’s a wrap! Once the candidates is selected, we will send all the necessary documentation to initiate the hiring process. If the outcome is not positive we try to give feedback and we thank the candidate for the time invested. 

Overview of the recruitment process at Babbel.