11 Times To Take Your Language Learning Offline

Yes, wireless internet connection is amazing, but regrettably it’s not available all the time. Here are our Top 11 times to take your language learning offline with the Babbel App.

1.  When you don’t want to get back in line to ask the barista for the WiFi

You already stood in line for 10 minutes for your coffee — and then you realize you forgot to ask someone for the WiFi password. Now you have an alternative to wasting mobile data in your new favorite cafe.

2.  When you’re actually getting sick of watching movies on the plane

The first movie of an international flight is great, the second is good, but then it’s all downhill from there. So why not take some of the transatlantic flight time to learn the language of your destination instead?

3.  When you’re on a road-trip and hate your friend’s music

Rational people know that there are only so many times you can listen to the Hamilton soundtrack in one sitting. In the times where you’ve been outvoted, you can drown out all of those Tony-award winning tunes with a little self-improvement.

4.  When you have to ration that precious data

In other words, always.

5.  When Net Neutrality is no longer a thing

Yes, it’s terrifying, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Keep your language learning goals outside the influence of your service provider, the government, or any other nefarious interests.

6.  When you’re backpacking through Europe and want to make your train travels productive

Sure, the first two hours of any European trip by train will likely be spent with your eyes glued to the windows (especially if you’re planning to take any routes through southern Germany and Switzerland), but what about the other five hours of your journey? When stunning landscapes start to bore, you can always brush up on a second language.

7.  When your smartphone isn’t as smart as the name suggests

It’s widely known that the tiny computer in your pocket has considerably more data-processing power (and speed, and memory) than the computer that helped land Apollo 11 on the moon. You’d think that this marvel of engineering would be nearly foolproof, and yet, it often fails us when we need it the most (like connecting to the WiFi!). Get around these glitches by having the essentials offline.

8.  When you want to do something on your morning commute besides avoid eye contact with strangers

After our computers, metro lines are a real feat of human achievement. Still, using it every day has it’s downsides: spotty internet service, crowded spaces, and people you definitely don’t want to make eye contact with. You can keep your eyes on your studies instead.

9.  When the WiFi is inexplicably useless

As magical as wireless internet is, it isn’t without faults. Sometimes there’s a problem with the router, or there are too many people connected, or it just sucks.

10.  When you’re planning to go “off the grid”

Whether you’re organizing a camping trip or you want to take your whole life “offline,” there’s no reason why you can’t continue learning a language. If anything, you’ll certainly have more company if you speak to yourself in more than one language.

11.  When you want to have complete control over your language learning

Whatever your lifestyle, Babbel’s offline mode allows you to learn when and where you want. You’re not dependent on an internet connection to access our expert-made content, so you can learn at your pace. Plus, when you integrate learning into your daily routine, you’re more likely to commit it to your long term memory and stick with it over time. That’s a win-win!

How It Works

Have you ever practiced verb conjugation while scaling a mountain? No? Well now you can practice the Bavarian dialect while hiking the Alps! (And trust us — there’ll be plenty of times where you’ll want a reason to rest on those climbs.) In the Babbel App, all of our content is available to download when and as you need it, whether that’s halfway up a mountain or on underground transportation. Not only that, but items in the Review Manager can also be downloaded ahead of time, so you can practice newly learned information and commit it to your long term memory. All content clearly indicates if it’s been downloaded (or not) with an icon next to the lesson name, so you’ll never have to wonder whether or not you’ve downloaded all the courses you needed for your trip.

Finally, the Babbel App allows you to choose to download lessons exclusively over WiFi, so you have more data to stream shows (or whatever else you use your phone for). So what’re you waiting for? Start making the most of offline learning today!

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