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Singing with an accent represented by a woman standing on a stage singing into a microphone.

Why Do Some People Seem To Lose Their Accents When They’re Singing?

If you’ve ever been confused when you heard a musical artist talking during an interview, this article is for you.
rock stars on stage rock band names

Names Of Rock Bands, Explained

How to go from “The Tea Set” to “Pink Floyd” in a few simple steps.
The types of rhyme represented by a woman reading a poem from a notebook while standing outside in a seemingly empty park.

Exploring The Different Types Of Rhyme

A rhyme is a rhyme is a rhyme, or is it?
A woman with headphones on listening to German Podcasts

7 Podcasts To Listen To If You’re Learning German

Whether you’re starting out or have been speaking German for years, one of these podcasts is sure to grab your interest.
A woman playing Italian dialects in music on her acoustic guitar

From Milan To Naples: Italian Dialects In Music

To better understand the soul of Italian, you need to get to know its dialects.
A scene from 2019 Eurovision

A Beginner’s Guide To The Eurovision Song Contest

Are you curious about Eurovision but aren’t sure what exactly it’s about? We’ve broken it down for you.
A woman and her friend playing popular songs with bad grammar on her guitar

9 Famous Songs With Bad Grammar (And How To Make Them Better)

Be it funky faux pas or catchy clangers, popular music is littered with all sorts of grammatical gaffes.
A set of violins exemplifying the Grammys global music category

The History Of The Grammy Award For Best Global Music Album

The category has been around for decades, but what does ‘global music’ really mean?

Behind The Scenes: Alvaro

A Frontend Engineer discusses how he’s been using Babbel Live to learn German and what he misses most about going to the office.
A woman sitting on her floor, playing love songs in other languages to her dog

Love Songs In Other Languages To Serenade Your Partner With

Our language experts created this optimized playlist that can help you woo anyone. Just kidding, please don’t try to do that.
A woman sitting in front of a fire reading and listening to multilingual holiday music

Celebrate The Season Globally With Babbel’s Multilingual Holiday Playlist

From religious classics to non-denominational modern hits, our multilingual holiday music playlist has it all.
Photo of BTS accepting a Golden Disk Award for foreign-language songs

The 8 Foreign-Language Songs That Have Topped The US Charts

The Billboard Hot 100 has kept track of the top songs in the United States for over 60 years, but rarely does a foreign-language song make it to number one.
A young woman standing on a balcony, trying to learn Spanish with music

Babbel Mixtapes: Learn Spanish With Music

Pick up some grammar and vocab from Luis Fonsi, Enrique Iglesias and J.Lo.