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Book Review

The cover of A Death in the Rainforest by Don Kulick

What Causes A Language To Die?

The death of a language is a loss to the world. But more important than mourning is understanding how and why these languages are lost.
The book cover of Life of David Hockney by Catherine Cusset

Introducing Catherine Cusset’s ‘Life Of David Hockney’

This month, we’re reading a novelistic biography of a famed artist that is equal parts joyous and tragic.
The cover of Daria Bogdanska's Wage Slaves

Introducing Daria Bogdanska’s ‘Wage Slaves’

This month’s book is about the struggle to find both work and friends in a new country.
Book cover for Philippe Besson's Lie With Me

Introducing Philippe Besson’s ‘Lie With Me’

A French novella about young love and discovering who you are.
Cover of Love In The New Millennium

Introducing Can Xue’s ‘Love In The New Millennium’

Love is all around! As well as paranoia. And informants. And magical herbal medicine. And people who sing like cicadas.
cover of the book The Spirit of Science Fiction

Introducing Roberto Bolaño’s ‘The Spirit of Science Fiction’

This month, we’re reading Chilean poet and novelist Roberto Bolaño’s ‘The Spirit of Science Fiction,’ a story of young Bohemian writers in Mexico City.
han kang's the white book

Introducing Han Kang’s ‘The White Book’

This month, we’re reading Han Kang’s ‘The White Book,’ an exploration of life and death in which each chapter focuses on a different (white) object.
A Horse Walks Into A Bar

Introducing David Grossman’s ‘A Horse Walks Into A Bar’

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. This month, we’re reading David Grossman’s ‘A Horse Walks into a Bar’!
Folktakes From Around The World

Introducing ‘Favorite Folktales From Around The World’

As we settle into the colds of January, we decided to try something new. This month, we’re revisiting childhood by reading folktales from around the world.
Yoko Tawada's The Emissary

Introducing Yoko Tawada’s ‘The Emissary’

A surreal book that shows us a dystopian future unlike any dystopian future you’ve read about before.
Elene Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend

Introducing Elena Ferrante’s ‘My Brilliant Friend’

This November, Babbel Book Club is reading ‘My Brilliant Friend,’ the first book in literary sensation Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels.
American Fictionary

Introducing Dubravka Ugrešić’s ‘American Fictionary’

For October’s Babbel Book Club pick, we have a series of essays about the United States, Yugoslavia and being caught between worlds.

Introducing Roque Larraquy’s ‘Comemadre’

For September’s Babbel Book Club selection, we enter a fictional world of horror, humor and art told in two parts by an Argentine writer and professor.
Book of Emma Reyes

Introducing ‘The Book Of Emma Reyes’

August’s Babbel Book Club pick is the memoir of a Colombian painter who escaped an impoverished childhood and found success.