Take A Shortcut To Spanish With Our Conversation Cheat Sheet

Here’s our WSJ+ subscriber shortcut sheet with everything you need to plunge into a one-on-one Spanish conversation. Bring it to our 30-minute interactive lesson to learn and practice. Total beginners to experienced speakers: everyone is welcome!

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What do you need to do to learn a new language? Of course you’ll want to memorize words, understand rules, and comprehend all those pesky grammar structures. But as a language teacher I can tell you all of those things are secondary. I’ve seen students spending years memorizing charts, creating flashcards and learning what the present perfect is, but are still intimidated by the prospect of having a conversation.

So what does it take to do it? Of course, spending time building your vocabulary and practicing is essential. But by far, the most important thing you need to do when learning a language is to plunge in and try to speak it! Learning a language is like trying to swim in a lake. It’s best to just jump in.

That’s why we’ve created a cheat sheet. Even if you don’t know any Spanish at all, it will provide you with some basic information on how to get a Spanish conversation going. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Spanish learner, this document will give you the tools to guide you through a basic introductory conversation.

Will this provide you with everything you need to know about Spanish? No. Will you make mistakes while using it? Absolutely, you will. But that’s fine! The main goal of language is to communicate. We’re human beings. We’re wired to try to understand each other. The most important thing we need to do when we’re learning a language is to not be afraid to try to convey what you want to say. Knowing a language is about having the courage to try to communicate using the few tools you have in a particular context.

So here are a set of tools for you! Think of this PDF as floaters and a bathing suit for a conversation splash in Spanish. So even if you don’t know how to swim, you’ll be able to float. All you have to do is jump in!

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