Quiz: Which Country Best Matches Your Personal Style?

Fashion varies depending on the country you’re in. So instead of changing your signature look, you can just change your location.
Which Country Should You Live In Based On Your Personal Style?

In the past few centuries, fashion has undoubtedly changed. With the rise of photography, shipping methods and mass media, there are no longer strong divisions between countries. If everybody in Italy has started wearing a certain kind of hat, it’s likely going to spread all around the world. Fortunately, this hasn’t caused everyone to start dressing the same. Instead, it’s made for a rich ecosystem of styles, where on any given day in a major city, you can see people wearing French, Swedish and Japanese clothing; perhaps even all three at the same time.

Most people don’t choose their clothes based on the country they’re from, so it can be hard to figure out which country your wardrobe would fit best. Fortunately, we made this helpful quiz to show you where you’d blend into the crowd based on what you already like to wear.

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