Quiz: Can You Tell The Difference Between Latin American And European Spanish?

If you’ve been to multiple Spanish-speaking countries, you’ll know that everyone doesn’t speak Spanish the exact same way. Can you tell the difference between the Spanishes?
Latin American and European Spanish

When a language gets to a certain size, it’s bound to start fracturing a little bit. People will start using different words to refer to the same thing, and maybe the accent will start to change. That is certainly the case with Spanish, and it’s splintered even more because Spanish is spoken in so many different places around the world. Quite a few linguistic changes have led to Latin American and European Spanish to diverge, in particular.

Depending on where you learned Spanish, you may lean more toward the European or the Latin American side of things. But if you’re planning on traveling to a Spanish-speaking country soon, it’s definitely worth looking at how the language can differ by country. Fortunately, we made a guide to how the differences between the Spanishes. Before you look at that, however, you should test yourself to see how well you already know the important distinctions. Good thing there’s a quiz right below here.

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