Quiz: Tell Us What You Like To Eat, We’ll Tell You Which Country To Visit

You’re hungry, and the whole world is your oyster (or a different food if you don’t like oysters).
Which Country To Visit

Let’s face it: there would be very little reason to ever travel if there weren’t food involved. The beauty of Paris? Eh, you can find pictures online. The ancient architecture of Rome? Useless if you’re not going to get a big plate of pasta after. Fortunately, food exists, and it exists in many different varieties. Sure, you could travel to Panda Express to get “Chinese” food, but you’re probably better off traveling the world to get a taste of what actual Chinese people eat. But how do you decide which country to visit? Well, we made this handy quiz. We all love food, so get out there and eat your way through town.

Learn to order these foods the right way.
Bon Appetit!