How To Talk About Tech And The Internet In Portuguese

This just might be the most relevant Portuguese vocabulary you’ll learn.
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While no country is a monolith, the data tell us that on average, Brazilians love the internet. In a 2019 global digital survey, Brazil ranked second in most time spent on the internet per day, as well as in most time spent specifically on social media platforms — in both cases beat out by the Philippines for the top spot. Couple that with the prevalence of technology and the internet in our daily lives and you get a compelling case for the importance of learning Portuguese technology and internet vocabulary.

This guide includes some of the most common vocab words related to tech, the internet and social media, as well as a few full sentences using some of this vocabulary. Once you learn these Portuguese technology words, you’ll be ready to have basic conversations with Portuguese speakers, or to get some IT help next time you’re in Brazil. Be sure to click the play button to hear how each word or phrase is pronounced.

Portuguese Technology Vocabulary

the hardware — o hardware

the computer — o computador

the laptop — o laptop

the cable — o cabo

to charge — carregar

the keyboard — o teclado

the mouse — o mouse

the printer — a impressora

compatible — compatível

wireless — sem fio

the software — o software

to install — instalar

the click — o clique

the menu — o menu

the folder — a pasta

the file — o arquivo

to save — salvar

the bug — o defeito

offline — desconectado

to drag — arrastar

Portuguese Internet Vocabulary

the internet — a internet

the browser — o navegador

the link — o link

to load — carregar

the blog — o blog

the virus — o vírus

the pop-up — o pop-up

online — online

to download — baixar

to search — pesquisar

the email — o e-mail

the chat — o bate-papo

the message — a mensagem

the draft — o rascunho

the emoticon — o emoticon

the email address — o endereço de e-mail

to write — escrever

to open — abrir

the attachment — o anexo

to send — enviar

the social media — as mídias sociais

to sign up — se registrar

to log in — se conectar

the member — o membro

the password — a senha

popular — popular

the forum — o fórum

the community — a comunidade

the network — a rede

to follow — seguir

Portuguese Technology And Internet Phrases

My battery is low – I have to plug my laptop in to charge it. — Minha bateria está fraca, tenho que conectar o laptop para carregá-lo.

I just clicked on a link in an email… I might have downloaded a virus. — Acabo de clicar em um link de um e-mail… talvez eu tenha baixado um vírus.

I follow some of my friends on Twitter so I can keep up with what they are doing. — Eu sigo alguns amigos no Twitter para ficar informado sobre o que andam fazendo.

I have 504 unread messages in my mailbox. — Eu tenho 504 mensagens não lidas na minha caixa de entrada.

I’ll send it to you, what’s your email address? — Eu te envio. Qual é o seu endereço de e-mail?

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