How To Talk About Food And Drink In Polish

It’ll behoove you to learn more than just ‘pierogi.’

In your journey as a Polish speaker, you won’t have to get very far before you encounter the delicious quandary of food. And honestly, what’s the point of learning the language if you can’t talk about the killer kluski śląskie you had last night, or ask for another top-up of your krupnik? Beyond knowing the names of common drinks and dishes you’re likely to encounter at a Polish restaurant, you’ll also want to know some basic Polish food words to get you through any exchange with a waiter or discussion with your friends as you negotiate your dinner plans.

Is your body ready for meat, fermented foods and vodka? Well, make sure your vocabulary is, too. Below, we’ve listed some essential Polish food words you’ll need to know. Just click the play button on each word below to hear how it’s pronounced.

Polish Meal-Related Words

To eat — jeść – zjeść (imperf. – perf.)

To drink — pić – wypić (imperf. – perf.)

Breakfast — śniadanie

Lunch — obiad

Dinner — kolacja*

Dessert — deser

Appetizers — przystawki

Main course — danie główne

*For dinner — na kolację

Polish Food Words

Fruit — owoce

Potato — ziemniak

Tomato — pomidor

Rice — ryż

Bread — chleb

Cheese — ser

Meat — mięso

Beef — wołowina

Pork — wieprzowina

Poultry — drób

Fish — ryba

Seafood — owoce morza

Sweets — słodycze

Polish Drink Words

Drink — napój

Mineral water — woda mineralna

Juice — sok

Milk — mleko

Coffee — kawa

Lemonade — lemoniada

Wine — wino

Beer — piwo

Tea — herbata

Tap water — woda z kranu

Soft drink — napój orzeźwiający

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