Naming The Parts Of The Body In Spanish

Fill up your cerebro with new Spanish vocabulary.
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Naming The Parts Of The Body In Spanish

You might see your body as a temple, an earthly vessel for the soul, or (in the words of John Mayer) a wonderland. However you view it, your body is your most precious possession, and we’ve all got one — and only one. If you’re learning to speak a foreign language like Spanish, it only makes sense that you’d want to find ways to talk about the parts of the body in Spanish, as the body is universal subject matter for speakers of all languages.

Maybe you’re surfing in Costa Rica and you want to understand what the instructor says when he tells you where to place las manos and los pies. Or heaven forbid you find yourself in the doctor’s office or the hospital — let’s hope it’s not after a nasty surfing accident — and you need to describe exactly where on your body you feel el dolor. Regardless of the circumstances, there’s no question you should learn how to talk about Spanish body parts; it’s a no-brainer. (Cue the eye roll.) 

If you’ve always been curious about el cuerpo, keep reading to learn how to name the parts of the body in Spanish. And click on the play button before each word to hear it pronounced by a native speaker! 

Talking About Spanish Body Parts

An important grammatical note about the parts of the body in Spanish is that Spanish speakers are more likely to use the definite articles el, la, los and las (all meaning “the”) in places where English speakers would use possessive pronouns like “my,” “your” and “their.” So, if you wanted to say, “My head hurts,” or “He closed his eyes,” you’d say Me duele la cabeza and Él cerró los ojos. (If the context requires that you specify whom exactly you’re talking about, however, you can choose to use possessive pronouns like mi, tu or su to make it clear.) 

Parts Of The Face In Spanish

face — la cara

eye — el ojo

nose — la nariz

forehead — la frente

eyebrow — la ceja

mouth — la boca

tooth — el diente

tongue — la lengua

lip — el labio

ear — la oreja

chin — la barbilla

cheek — la mejilla

Parts Of The (Greater) Body In Spanish

body — el cuerpo

part of the body — la parte del cuerpo

head — la cabeza

brain — el cerebro

skin — la piel

hair — el pelo

neck — el cuello

throat — la garganta

arm — el brazo

leg — la pierna

hand — la mano

finger — el dedo

foot — el pie

toe — el dedo del pie

knee — la rodilla

elbow — el codo

ankle — el tobillo

wrist — la muñeca

chest — el pecho

back — la espalda

waist — la cintura

stomach — la barriga

shoulder — el hombro

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