Tales From The Internet: Overheard Conversations In Other Languages

Eavesdropping is an art form. But that doesn’t mean what you hear is always going to be pretty.
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Tales From The Internet: Overheard Conversations In Other Languages

Let’s face it: eavesdropping is only natural. You might feel guilty for secretly opening your ears to someone else’s conversation, but sometimes your curiosity gets the better of you, and you can’t help but tune in. Whether you’re hearing a heated debate or just two pals practicing the art of chit-chat, the fun — and often the drama — lies in the fact that you never know what you’ll discover in overheard conversations that you’re not actually invited to.

It can be tricky to pick up on what others are saying nearby when they know you might be listening. But when the people you’re eavesdropping on don’t know you speak their language, you’re bound to find some conversational treasures — or nightmares — that are more, well,  hidden in plain sight (plain earshot?). When people think they’re having private conversations, there’s no limit to the sorts of outrageous things they’ll say about you or around you — however hilarious, hurtful, or just plain weird.

The internet is full of stories of overheard conversations in another language. We rounded up a few of the juiciest, most shocking, justice-serving stories from the users of Quora.

The Chronicles Of Overheard Conversations In Another Language

To be an American abroad is to carry a lot of cultural baggage. Just make sure you speak French so you don’t have to pay for it twice!

If you’re a Dominican man with a dirty mind, you’d better make sure the woman you’re eyeing right next to you isn’t listening to your every description of her.

Trying to pull the wool over the eyes of this Telugu- and English-speaking woman as she does her shopping? You’re going to be saree.

When you’re seeking political asylum, plotting to get arrested is all part of the process.

There’s nothing like hearing that your dinner table neighbors think you look dead to bring your Italian skills to life.

If you (accidentally) hear both sides of the story, you can stop a bad situation from becoming even worse.

All it took was a simple question to a gaggle of old ladies for these two men to find out they’re a hot commodity around a small Italian town.

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