How Babbel Solves The Biggest Language-Learning Obstacles To Get You Speaking In 3 Weeks

Our team of 150 language experts work hard to deliver an app that teaches your target language effectively.

Humans have been learning other languages for as long as we’ve existed. And while the basics of learning languages have always been the same — memorize vocab, figure out grammar, practice speaking — the methods for how to learn have evolved over time. Thanks to advances in technology, Babbel has worked to overcome the biggest language-learning obstacles to make the path to speaking as smooth as possible.

You might still get hung up on these language-learning obstacles when you’re deciding whether you’re ready to dive in, however. And don’t get us wrong — we’re not saying language learning is a simple task. But a lot of the reasons why people decide against learning a new language are pretty much obsolete.

Here’s how the Babbel app addresses just about any problem you could face.

1. Problem: “Learning A Language Takes Too Long”

Solution: You’ll be speaking a new language in three weeks.

No matter what, language learning will not happen overnight. There’s no magical way to make you instantly understand everything in a new language. What we can say is that Babbel can have you speaking the language in three weeks.

By completing our 10 to 15 minute lessons every day, you’ll have enough information after three weeks to start having conversations with others. Babbel’s effectiveness has been scientifically proven. A study on Babbel’s Spanish lessons from the City University of New York found that after 15 hours of study over two months (15 minutes a day), you’ll have completed the requirements for a full semester of college Spanish.

Language Learning Obstacles — Conversations

2. Problem: “Learning Grammar Is Boring And Hard”

Solution: Babbel introduces grammar as naturally as possible.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to learning is that your motivation can quickly disappear. If you don’t have a strong reason to learn, then it’s easy to lose steam. And one of the most common causes of that is grammar.

There have been lots of grueling methods used to teach grammar: sentence diagrams, conjugation charts and more, all of which can suck the life out of the learning process. To solve this, Babbel introduces grammar in natural, useful contexts. That doesn’t mean it’ll all be a breeze, but our lessons are designed to make learning grammar as clear as possible for you.

3. Problem: “Language Apps Don’t Teach Me Practical Information”

Solution: Babbel gets you speaking from the very first lesson.

Some programs will start you out with information that, frankly, isn’t very useful. You’ll be learning nonsensical sentences that will never be used in an actual conversation. This can be frustrating when all you want to do is start speaking the language.

From the very first lesson, Babbel teaches you practical skills and vocab. You’ll start off learning phrases that will be the most useful for you, like how to introduce yourself and ask for directions. Don’t want to start at the very beginning? You can choose lessons based on the topics you need to know, so you can jump ahead to learn business jargon in German or vacation vocab in Swedish.

Language-Learning Obstacles — Review Manager

4. Problem: “I Have A Hard Time Learning Pronunciation”

Solution: Babbel uses native speakers and voice-recognition technology.

When you’re learning a language primarily through writing, pronunciation can be a stumbling block. That’s why Babbel’s lessons are voiced by native speakers, so you can hear exactly how various words are supposed to sound. The lessons are also filled with tips on how to pronounce particularly confusing words.

Need reassurance that you’re understanding it correctly? Babbel uses voice-recognition technology to help you find out whether you’ve got the hang of it. In no time, your pronunciation will improve in leaps and bounds.

5. Problem: “I Keep Forgetting The Material”

Solution: Babbel’s Review Manager makes sure your memory is regularly refreshed.

As you make progress in your lessons, you’re bound to forget some of the information in the earlier lessons. Sure, you could just repeat the early lessons, but that can be a bit repetitive after a while. One of Babbel’s main features is the Review Manager, which helps you refresh your memory on all of the material you’ve covered so far.

And don’t worry about it getting repetitive. Babbel’s Review Manager figures out which parts of the language you’re struggling with, and which parts you aren’t. That way, you’re not stuck learning how to say “hello” over and over again.

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