The 20 Most Common English Verbs

You can get pretty far in English with just these verbs.
The most common English verbs represented by a young woman standing in the middle of a street in London looking at her phone.

Every sentence needs a verb. Otherwise, it not grammatical. The English language technically has thousands, but there are a few of them that are far more common that others. Here, we’ll look at the 20 most common English verbs, and how to conjugate them depending on the subject of the sentence.

The 20 English Verbs You’ll Use The Most

1. to be

I am we are
you are you (pl.) are
he, she, it is they are

2. to have

I have we have
you have you (pl.) have
he, she, it has they have

3. to do

I do we do
you do you (pl.) do
he, she, it does they do

4. to say

I say we say
you say you (pl.) say
he, she, it says they say

5. to get

I get we get
you get you (pl.) get
he, she, it gets they get

6. to make

I make we make
you make you (pl.) make
he, she, it makes they make

7. to go

I go we go
you go you (pl.) go
he, she, it goes they go

8. to know

I know we know
you know you (pl.) know
he, she, it knows they know

9. to take

I take we take
you take you (pl.) take
he, she, it takes they take

10. to come

I come we come
you come you (pl.) come
he, she, it comes they come

11. to see

I see we see
you see you (pl.) see
he, she, it sees they see

12. to think

I think we think
you think you (pl.) think
he, she, it thinks they think

13. to look

I look we look
you look you (pl.) look
he, she, it looks they look

14. to want

I want we want
you want you (pl.) want
he, she, it wants they want

15. to give

I give we give
you give you (pl.) give
he, she, it gives they give

16. to use

I use we use
you use you (pl.) use
he, she, it uses they use

17. to find

I find we find
you find you (pl.) find
he, she, it finds they find

18. to tell

I tell we tell
you tell you (pl.) tell
he, she, it tells they tell

19. to ask

I ask we ask
you ask you (pl.) ask
he, she, it asks they ask

20. to work

I work we work
you work you (pl.) work
he, she, it works they work
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