8 Italian YouTubers To Subscribe To If You’re Learning The Language

Let these Italian YouTubers inject some entertainment into your language-learning endeavors.
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8 Italian YouTubers To Subscribe To If You’re Learning The Language

When you’ve been studying a new language for a while, you may need something to spice up the learning process. Watching YouTube videos in your target language can be a great way to reinforce what you’ve learned and pick up some new vocabulary, all while being entertained! For you Italian learners, there are many Italian YouTubers you can subscribe to, offering content ranging from sketch comedies to makeup tutorials.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Italian YouTubers to check out as you ramp up your language studies.

Italian YouTubers To Subscribe To

1. Tia Taylor

Language: Italian, English

Number of Subscribers: ~ 307K

Tia describes herself as a half-Jamaican, half-Nigerian, American-born girl living in Milan, Italy. Generally, her videos are in English with Italian subtitles, which makes them ideal for beginners. She creates a variety of content, including travel vlogs, makeup tutorials and cultural comparisons between Italy and the United States.

2.  Sofie’s World

Language: Italian, English

Number of Subscribers: ~ 72K

Sofie’s channel is another good option for beginners, as it’s mostly in English with some Italian mixed in. Sofie is an American living in Italy, and she makes videos about experiences abroad, self-care tips and the Italian language itself.

3. FavijTV

Language: Italian

Number of Subscribers: ~ 5.5M

Next up is one of the most popular Italian YouTubers out there: Favij (whose real name is Lorenzo Ostuni). His channel features videos of him playing, reviewing and talking about video games, with some random funny videos mixed in. Favij’s videos are entirely in Italian, so probably better for more advanced learners.

4. Ilenia Zodiaco

Language: Italian

Number of Subscribers: ~ 57K

This is the perfect channel for book lovers! Ilenia talks a lot about reading and writing in her videos, with a few other random topics sprinkled in. She’s also the host of Babbel’s Italian podcast, La Linguacciuta.

5. Ritals

Language: Italian, French

Number of Subscribers: ~ 58K

This channel documents the lives of two Italian expats living in Paris. If you’re into funny sketches and web series, then this channel is for you. But be warned: some of their videos are in French.

6. yotobi

Language: Italian

Number of Subscribers: ~ 1.4M

Yotobi, whose real name is Karim Musa, is a famous Italian YouTuber known for changing up his channel theme periodically. It’s currently called “The Late Show with Karim Musa” and features everything from film reviews to interviews to comedic monologues. His videos are entirely in Italian and probably best for more advanced learners.

7. The Jackal

Language: Italian

Number of Subscribers: ~ 670K

The Jackal is actually a small independent film production company in Naples, Italy that specializes in YouTube videos. Their videos, all in Italian, range from sci-fi to comedy and often relate to pop culture.

8. Casa Surace

Language: Italian

Number of Subscribers: ~ 843K

Casa Surace consists of a group of roommates from Southern Italy, who produce funny videos about differences between regions of Italy, as well as cooking videos and comedy sketches about life. This channel is another one that’s better for advanced learners, and it also provides cultural insights into the regions of Italy.

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