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How To Talk About Tech And The Internet In Turkish

There are lots of ways to waste time on the internet. Why not learn some Turkish?
An older couple using their phones to access the internet in Turkish

The internet is filled with resources for learning new things, and new languages are no exception. In fact, you could say that the internet is particularly apt for learning languages. When you’re unable to meet native speakers in person, connecting with them online is a good second choice. Using the internet in Turkish can be a great supplement to your other language learning. But before you get started, you’re going to need some vocab to help you navigate the World Wide Web.

To get you started, we collected some of the basic vocab about tech and the internet in Turkish. If you want to hear how each word and phrase is pronounced by a native speaker, just hit the play button next to each term.

Talking About Tech And The Internet In Turkish

Turkish Technology Vocabulary

hardware — donanım

computer — bilgisayar

laptop — dizüstü bilgisayar

cable — kablo

to charge — şarj etmek

keyboard — klavye

mouse — fare

printer — yazıcı

compatible — uyumlu

wireless — kablosuz

software — yazılım

to install — yüklemek

click — tıklama

menu — menü

folder — klasör

file — dosya

to save — kaydetmek

bug — hata

offline — çevrim dışı

to drag — sürüklemek

Turkish Internet Vocabulary

internet — internet

browser — tarayıcı

link — bağlantı

to load — yüklemek

blog — blog

virus — virüs

pop-up — açılır

online — çevrim içi

to download — indirmek

to search — aramak

email — e-posta

chat — sohbet

message — mesaj

draft — taslak

emoticon — ifade

email address — e-posta adresi

to write — yazmak

to open — açmak

attachment — ek

to send — göndermek

social media — sosyal medya

to sign up — kaydolmak

to log in — oturum açmak

member — üye

password — şifre

popular — popüler

forum — forum

community — topluluk

network — 

to follow — takip etmek

Turkish Tech And Internet Phrases

I surf the internet. — İnternet’te geziniyorum.

I’ll send it to you, what’s your email address? — Sana gönderirim, e-posta adresin ne?

You can download the program. — Programı indirebilirsin.

All of my files are gone. — Dosyalarımın hepsi kayboldu.

I spend my time in front of the computer. — Zamanımı bilgisayar karşısında geçiriyorum.

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