How To Talk About Transportation In Indonesian

Whether you’re taking train, plane or automobile (or more likely, boat), you’ll need some Indonesian transportation vocab to get around the country.
Two boats in the water to represent Indonesian transportation vocab

If you’ve ever arrived in a country for the first time and felt overwhelmed immediately by the idea of getting from airport to hotel, you know how important figuring out travel can be. And Indonesia comprises thousands of islands, so transportation is clearly going to be a key component for when you visit. One of the best ways to get a jumpstart is by learning Indonesian transportation vocab!

And while there are many languages spoken around the country, Indonesian — the lingua franca of Indonesia — is your best bet for getting around. Even just learning which is left and which is right can help in a big way.

We’ve collected some basic Indonesian transportation vocab to get you started on your linguistic (and literal!) journey. Click the play button on each of the words to hear how they’re pronounced by a native speaker.

Indonesian Transportation Vocab And Phrases

General Navigation

to the left — ke kiri

to the right — ke kanan

straight ahead — lurus

Excuse me, where is the city center? — Maaf, di mana pusat kota?

Traveling By Plane

plane — pesawat terbang

airport — bandara

terminal — terminal

his/her luggage — bagasinya

hand baggage (carry-on) — bagasi kabin

flight — penerbangan

flight attendant — pramugara (masc.), pramugari (fem.)

departure — keberangkatan

the security check — pemeriksaan keamanan

to board — naik pesawat

to leave, to depart — berangkat

to land — mendarat

to check in — check-in

Traveling By Train Or Bus

public transportation — angkutan umum

bus — bis

subway — kereta bawah tanah

train — kereta api

tram — trem

tram stop — halte trem

train station — stasiun

ticket — karcis

platform — peron

bus stop — halte bus

passenger — penumpang

inspector — pemeriksa

timetable — jadwal

to catch — naik

to change (as trains) — pindah kendaraan

Traveling By Car Or Bike

car — mobil

driver — pengemudi

windshield wipers — penyeka kaca

seat belt — sabuk pengaman

key — kunci

driver’s license — surat izin mengemudi

to drive — mengemudi

to park — memarkir

to break down — mogok

bicycle — sepeda

cyclist — pengendara sepeda

helmet — helm

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