How To Talk About Clothes In Portuguese

Whether you’re dressing up or down, you’ll want to know these terms.
Clothes in Portuguese represented by two headless mannequins wearing brightly colored dresses in an outdoor window display.

We always say that the best way to learn a language is by starting with the vocab that you run into every day. The most obvious things are saying hello, introducing yourself and so on, but maybe you haven’t stopped to think about one thing you definitely use every day: clothing. Whether you’re making a packing list for your trip to Brazil or doing some shopping in Portugal, a little clothing vocabulary can go a long way. To get you going, here’s a lit of the most common words for clothes in Portuguese, from your hat to your socks.

If you want to hear how the words and phrases are pronounced by a native speaker, just click the play button next to each term.

Portuguese Clothing Vocabulary

Summer Clothing

the summer clothes — a roupa de verão

the clothes — a roupa

the dress — o vestido

the shorts — os shorts

the T-shirt — a camiseta

the flip-flops — os chinelos

the shoes — os sapatos

the skirt — a saia

the cap — o boné

the blouse — a blusa

the shirt — a camisa

the swimsuit — a roupa de banho

the cardigan — o cardigã

sunglasses — os óculos de sol

the sandals — as sandálias

the top — o top

Winter Clothing

winter clothes — a roupa de inverno

the sweater — o pulôver

the pants — a calça

the scarf — o cachecol

the hat — o gorro

the coat — o sobretudo

the boots — as botas

the tights — a meia-calça

the thick socks — as meias grossas

the rubber boots — as galochas

the jeans — os jeans

the earmuffs — o protetor de orelhas

the woolen hat — o gorro de lã

the gloves — as luvas

the mittens — as luvas de polegar

Formal Attire

the formal attire — o traje formal

the dinner jacket — o smoking

the vest — o colete

the gown — o vestido de gala

the jewelry — as jóias

the cocktail dress — o vestido de cocktail

the bow tie — a gravata borboleta

the high heels — o salto alto

the suit — o terno

the tie — a gravata


the underwear — a roupa íntima

the underpants — a cueca

the undershirt — a camiseta regata

pajamas — o pijama

the boxer shorts — a cueca boxer

panties — a calcinha

the bra — o sutiã

the socks — as meias

Useful Phrases

I am looking for green pants. — Eu estou procurando uma calça verde.

That’s the latest fashion. — Isto está na moda.

His suit is stylish. — Seu terno é chique.

I have nothing to wear. — Eu não tenho nada para vestir.

Do you have these jeans in a different color? — Tem este jeans em uma outra cor?

This jacket is really cool. — Esta jaqueta é muito bacana.

This white blouse is very pretty. — Esta blusa branca é muito bonita.

Wear the warm shoes! — Coloque sapatos quentes!

I lost my gloves. — Eu perdi minhas luvas.

It is too warm for a scarf today. — Hoje está muito quente para usar cachecol.

The coat is too expensive. — O sobretudo é muito caro.

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