How To Keep Your Language Skills Sharp

3 tips to maintain your language-learning momentum, even when your study abroad is over.

So you’ve just returned from a life-changing language stay abroad and now you’re worried about forgetting what you’ve learned? Not to worry — we’ll show you just how to keep your language skills sharp after your language holidays are over!

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1. Keep it fun

Once it starts to feel like work, you’ll abandon your language efforts in a hurry. That’s why the key to retaining your new language skills is to make it fun. Listen to music (maybe the songs you danced to while abroad), pick up a book in the foreign language by one of your favourite authors and watch movies to keep the language fresh in your mind without it feeling like a chore.

2. Book your next trip with ESL!

Since nothing beats an actual language trip, you should think ahead to planning your next one! Are you longing to go back to the destination where you first learned the language, or is an exciting new place calling your name? Book your next language study stay and keep your language skills sharp with Babbel and our other tips in the meantime!

3. Continue studying with Babbel

You’ll definitely need to stay in contact with the language, and what better way than with an online tool? On the metro, on your lunch break, before you go to bed at night – any time is a perfect time to brush up on your language skills and it only takes a few minutes a day!

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