How This Expert-Crafted App Can Get You Speaking A Language In 3 Weeks

100+ language-learning experts designed this app, and it shows! Here are 5 reasons it helps you learn so efficiently.
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When it comes to learning a new language, there are countless options for you to pursue: books, classes, audio programs and many, many apps. So how do you decide which route to take? Consider what you’re looking for in a potential language-learning program. You probably want to learn a language relatively quickly, and you obviously want your learning to be effective — otherwise, what’s the point? Babbel is designed precisely to meet those needs.

When it comes to effectiveness, Babbel’s team of over 100 language-learning experts creates courses in a way that makes sure you really learn the material and remember it down the road. And you can learn the basics of your new language in just 3 weeks!

Here’s why Babbel’s app works so well:

1. You Can Learn The Basics In 3 Weeks

A new language in just 3 weeks? It’s totally possible! You won’t be fluent in that time, but you’ll grasp enough of the basics to have simple conversations.

A study by researchers at the City University of New York and the University of South Carolina found that Babbel’s app can help you learn the basics of a language quickly and efficiently. Babbel tested these results by challenging staffers to learn Spanish in three weeks. Check out the video above to see how they did!

2. It’s Created By A Team Of Language Experts

Babbel’s lessons aren’t the result of an algorithm or computer program; they’re designed by real humans. Babbel’s Didactics Team, made up of more than 100 linguists and language experts, puts a lot of time and care into creating lessons that will actually work for you.

These experts use the latest learning methodologies in the courses, and each course is designed based on your native language and the language you’re learning. Babbel includes context, tips and examples specific to your language pair to give you the best possible learning experience.

3. You’ll Remember What You Learn

Most people studied a foreign language in school, but chances are, you forgot most of what you learned. Why take the time to learn something if you’re just going to forget it in a year or two? This brings us back to the team of language-learning experts. The way Babbel’s lessons are designed, you will remember what you learn.

Here’s how it works: throughout your learning journey, you’ll complete curated review sessions, which reinforce the information by bringing it back in new contexts. This sends the new information to your long-term memory. It’s that simple!

4. It’s Easy To Turn Into A Good Habit

Our attention spans are short, which can make learning difficult. That’s why Babbel uses what’s known as microlearning — content delivered regularly in small, manageable chunks. Our lessons can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes, so they’re easy to fit into your schedule, no matter how hectic it may be.

There are already plenty of moments throughout your day that you could be using to learn a language. Just a little bit of learning each day can go a long way toward reaching your goals.

5. It Teaches You Language You’ll Actually Use

Language-learning apps that teach you random phrases like “the blue monkey ate the cheese” might be cute, but aren’t very useful. Babbel’s lessons focus on teaching you how to have real conversations.

They teach you practical skills, like how to introduce yourself, how to ask for directions, and perhaps most importantly, how to order food and drinks. And you’ll get to practice these skills within realistic dialogues, voiced by native speakers.

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