Hot Tip: Making Sense Of Italian Prepositions

The ins and outs of whether you should use di, in, or a can get confusing. Here’s a shortcut that can help.
outdoor tables at a ristorante in italy italian prepositions

Italian prepositions are no joke. According to Babbel Live teacher Nicola, articles and prepositions are usually “a nightmare for any level of learner,” including the advanced ones.

The best part is that as an Italian learner, you’ll have to memorize a different way of saying “I’m going to the __________” for pretty much every kind of place there is. It’s a struggle!

There are many rules, and just as many exceptions to memorize.

One quick tip from Nicola that she likes to share with her students that will probably help you in a pinch:

  • For every store or place name that ends in -ria, the preposition you use is in.
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