How To Talk About The Home In Polish

You’ve puttered around your home in English. Now, try it in Polish.
modern living room with grey couch depicting a home in polish

Whether you’re a dedicated student of Polish, a tourist eagerly awaiting your week in Warsaw, or just trying to impress your Polish grandma next time you visit, it’s never a bad time to learn how to talk about the home in Polish.

Whether you’re telling your friends to meet you in the kitchen or asking someone where they bought that stylish lamp, this is a set of vocabulary you’ll reach for often. What’s more, some of these terms are English cognates — do you recognize balkon and lampa?

In any case, here are some of the most common words you’ll need to talk about the home in Polish. To hear how they’re pronounced by a native speaker, press the gray play button.

Talking About The Home In Polish

apartment — mieszkanie

house — dom

room — pokój

kitchen — kuchnia

bathroom — łazienka

bedroom — sypialnia

living room — salon

toilet — toaleta

floor — podłoga

wall — ściana

door — drzwi

window — okno

balcony — balkon

ceiling — sufit

roof — dach

stairs — schody

elevator — winda

furniture — meble

table — stół

chair — krzesło

bed — łóżko

sofa — kanapa

armchair — fotel

bookshelf — regał na książki

wardrobe — szafa

bench — ławka

shelf — półka

dresser — komoda

stool — taboret

pantry — szafka kuchenna

decor — wystrój wnętrz

curtain — zasłona

carpet — dywan

mirror — lustro

lamp — lampa

indoor plant — roślina doniczkowa

picture — obraz

coffee table — ława

cushion — poduszka

knick-knack — bibelot

household appliance — sprzęt AGD

stove — kuchenka

fridge — lodówka

freezer — zamrażarka

heater — grzejnik

washing machine — pralka

dishwasher — zmywarka

dryer — suszarka

air conditioner — klimatyzacja

microwave — mikrofalówka

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