How To Talk About The Home In Norwegian

Learning a new language starts at home.
Home in Norwegian represented by a yellow-painted house in the middle of a field with a large mountain in the background

Home is where the heart is. In addition, home is where a lot of other stuff is. Learning the words for the items and rooms in your household is a great way to add some practical vocabulary to your Norwegian learning. It’s also a great opportunity to use sticky notes to label the objects and rooms around your home in Norwegian, giving yourself a mini language lesson any time of day.

Here, we’ve collected the most important vocab for discussing your home in Norwegian, starting with rooms and moving on to common furniture and household appliances. If you want to hear how each word is pronounced by a native speaker, you can also click the play button next to each of the terms.

Essential Norwegian House Vocabulary

an apartment — en leilighet

a house — et hus

a room — et rom

a kitchen — et kjøkken

a bath(room) — et bad

a bedroom — et soverom

a living room — en stue

a toilet — et toalett

a floor — et gulv

a wall — en vegg

a door — en dør

a window — et vindu

a balcony — en balkong

a ceiling/roof — et tak

stairs — en trapp

an elevator — en heis

furniture — møbler

a table — et bord

a chair — en stol

a bed — en seng

a sofa — en sofa

an armchair — en lenestol

a bookshelf — en bokhylle

a shelf — en hylle

a wardrobe — et skap

a dresser — en kommode

a stool — en krakk

a pantry — et kjøkkenskap

a household appliance — en hvitevare

a stove — en komfyr

a fridge — et kjøleskap

a freezer — en fryser

a heater — en ovn

a washing machine — en vaskemaskin

a dryer — en tørketrommel

a dishwasher — en oppvaskmaskin

an air conditioner — et klimaanlegg

a microwave — en mikrobølgeovn

a decor — en innredning

a curtain — en gardin

a carpet — et teppe

a mirror — et speil

a lamp — en lampe

a coffee table — et sofabord

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