How To Talk About The Home In Dutch

Learn a new language without leaving your home! Or something like that.
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If you’re a beginner learner, what better way to start figuring out how to name the things around your home in Dutch? You can even start putting sticky notes everywhere to give yourself a little Dutch lesson every day. It’s a practical step to building out your vocabulary.

To get you started, we put together a guide to the most important words you’ll need for talking about your home, or any home, in Dutch. While not comprehensive, it should give you a good basis to build on. If you want to hear how each term is pronounced by a native speaker, you can click the play buttons below.

Essential Dutch House Vocabulary

the apartment — het appartement

the house — het huis

the room — de kamer

the kitchen — de keuken

the bathroom — de badkamer

the bedroom — de slaapkamer

the living room — de woonkamer

the toilet — het toilet

the floor — de vloer

the wall — de muur

the door — de deur

the window — het raam

the balcony — het balkon

the ceiling — het plafond

the roof — het dak

the stairs — de trap

the elevator — de lift

the furniture — de meubels

the table — de tafel

the chair — de stoel

the bed — het bed

the sofa — de sofa

the armchair — de fauteuil

the bookshelf — het boekenrek

the shelf — de boekenplank

the wardrobe — de kast

the dresser — de commode

the bench — de bank

the stool — de kruk

the pantry — de keukenkast

the household appliance — het huishoudapparaat

the stove — het fornuis

the fridge — de koelkast

the freezer — de diepvries

the heater — de verwarming

the washing machine — de wasmachine

the dryer — de droogtrommel

the dishwasher — de vaatwasser

the air conditioner — de airconditioning

the microwave — de magnetron

the decor — het interieur

the curtain — het gordijn

the carpet — het tapijt

the mirror — de spiegel

the lamp — de lamp

the coffee table — de salontafel

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