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Babbel January Challenge

Learning a language is so much more than memorizing a list of words, or taking a class, or even using an app. It’s a process of regular practice, self-discovery and reflection. And, no other time of year is better positioned to give you a chance to start a new healthy habit than the new year. Habits are a big deal — about 40 percent of daily life is shaped by them. Cultivating a healthy habit (like language learning) is a tricky resolution, though. Where to start? How will you stick with it when you hit a wall in your lessons? We’ve got you. Read on to join the Babbel community and staff in our January Challenge.

How Does Babbel’s January Challenge Work?

When you sign up below, you’ll receive an email every Monday in January with the week’s challenge. This helpful content comes from both our team of language experts and some well-known names. We expect that establishing a regular schedule of 10-15 minutes, 3-5 days of the week will yield the best results.

Week 1
Find your community
Week 2
Establish a habit
Week 3
Learn how you learn
Week 4
Tackle smart goals
Week 5
Take time to reflect

Who Should Do The January Challenge?

Whether you’re refreshing your high school Spanish from 25 years ago, just starting out with Italian or in your second semester of college French, this challenge offers something for every learner. Since it’s the beginning of a new year, our focus is to motivate you no matter where you happen to be in your language-learning journey. But you don’t have to take our word for it — here’s what our community had to say about previous Babbel challenges:

“Loved it! I had fun and felt truly supported. Thank you.”
“Loved this challenge, will definitely do it again!!!”
“This was a great challenge that really helped motivate me to keep learning!”

What Can I Expect To Get Out Of It?

By dedicating 10-15 minutes, 3-5 days of the week, you can expect:

A Feeling Of Accomplishment — By committing to a specific, realistic, time-bound goal (modeled after SMART goals, the generally accepted standard for personal and professional performance), you’ll experience a feeling of accomplishment that extends beyond January.

Solid Language Skills — You’ll be able to express simple thoughts and phrases using the most relevant vocabulary, first-person pronouns, present-tense verbs and useful adjectives. To accelerate your language learning, or advance beyond conversational basics, we recommend a Babbel subscription. By pairing just one lesson with most days of this challenge, you’ll be able to complete an entire beginner unit (which CUNY determined was equivalent to a college semester of Spanish)!

New Habits, New FriendsWe’ll offer learning resources and expert interviews to give you the tools you need to form a new habit. And by connecting on social media using the #BabbelChallenge hashtag during the challenge, you’ll be supported by a global community of like-minded language and learning enthusiasts. Maybe you’ll even make a new friend!

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Sign up with your email in the form below. The first 25 people to sign up get Babbel post-it notes!
  2. Follow @BabbelUSA on Twitter and Instagram (maybe Facebook, too?). Meet the team and community by using the hashtag #BabbelChallenge to say hi.
  3. Stay tuned for your first email for Week 1 of the challenge on Monday.


We’re excited to support you on your language journey. Here’s to the new year!

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