Hackday memories

A peek into our yearly event.
Coleagues brainstorming on an issue

A perfect blue sky. Warm sunshine. People wearing T-shirts and sunglasses. And yet, the orange and red leaves covering Berlin’s streets announce the cold season arriving soon. As we watch the leaves fall down, we start reflecting back on the warm summer day we all retreated out of the office to hack our hearts away working on brand new, exciting ideas at Hackday 2018. On June 7th, 110 Babbelonians (from Engineering, Product, Didactics, Marketing, and HR) took a break from their daily work and came up with a total of 18 projects entered into the final competition.

This year, leadership from each participating department came together before the 8th edition of our hackday to brainstorm how to make the day even better. Using all the feedback from the previous seven hackdays, they decided on having six prize categories:

  • Biggest impact on our learners
  • Biggest innovation
  • Best fail
  • Biggest business impact
  • Panorama (other)
  • Most popular project (voted for by the audience)

The winners of each category won not only a fabulous prize but also an awesome handmade trophy!

HackDay trophies for each category

The sunny day was filled with lots of hard work, Club Mate, and great food. The venue was on a small island in the heart of Berlin with great views of the canal. It had a nice green garden for us to spread out in. Ideas were shared, collaborated on, and brought to life. With a great variety of projects bubbling with potential, we saw the Babbel values come forth like never seen before.

Impressions from the 8th hackday - outdoors

Hackday is the event we look forward to every year, since it is a great chance to collaborate, innovate, and work together in new exciting ways. To see more watch the Hackday 8 video and consider joining our team to hack with us next year!

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