How To Talk About The Home In German

So you’re in the haus. Now what?
fancy house interior with chandelier and fireplace and big bouquets of flowers german house vocabulary

If you’ve ever learned the term Bauhaus to impress your architecture friends (assuming you have architecture friends), then you technically already know some German house vocabulary. The word Bauhaus literally translates to “building-house,” or “house of construction.”

However, that doesn’t really help you very much if you’re studying German and you’re trying to learn the names for various parts of the home. Whether you’re a dedicated student of the language or you’re vacationing in Germany and you want to communicate with your host more effectively, it’s very worth it to commit some basic German house vocabulary to memory.

Below, you’ll find a list of the most common terms and an audio pronunciation guide voiced by a native speaker.

Essential German House Vocabulary

the apartment — die Wohnung

the house — das Haus

the room — das Zimmer

the kitchen — die Küche

the bathroom — das Badezimmer

the bedroom — das Schlafzimmer

the living room — das Wohnzimmer

the toilet — die Toilette

the floor — der Fußboden

the wall — die Wand

the door — die Tür

the window — das Fenster

the balcony — der Balkon

the ceiling — die Decke

the roof — das Dach

the stairs — die Treppe

the elevator — der Aufzug

the furniture — die Möbel

the table — der Tisch

the chair — der Stuhl

the bed — das Bett

the sofa — das Sofa

the armchair — der Sessel

the bookshelf — das Bücherregal

the shelf — das Regalbrett

the dresser — die Kommode

the stool — der Hocker

the pantry — der Küchenschrank

the stove — der Herd

the fridge — der Kühlschrank

the freezer — der Gefrierschrank

the heater — die Heizung

the air conditioner — die Klimaanlage

the washing machine — die Waschmaschine

the dryer — der Trockner

the dishwasher — die Spülmaschine

the microwave — die Mikrowelle

the curtain — der Vorhang

the carpet — der Teppich

the mirror — der Spiegel

the lamp — die Lampe

the coffee table — der Couchtisch

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