Quiz: Which Foreign Language TV Show Should You Stream?

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young woman on couch watching a foreign-language tv show

There has never been a greater quantity and quality of TV shows and movies available for you to watch than there are right now. That goes double for foreign-language content. From Oscar-winning films in Korean to Netflix series in every language you can think of, this might be the Golden Age of streamable content in non-English languages. So which foreign-language TV show should you watch next?

There’s something for everyone out there. If you’re learning a specific language, you can probably find a series in that language through a simple search on your favorite streaming platform or by checking out our foreign-language TV show guides. But if you just enjoy getting immersed in the culture of other countries, the options are endless. You may like certain shows better than others, based on your genre preferences, your favorite aspects of a great series and other factors. That’s where this quiz comes in.

Take our foreign-language TV show quiz below to be matched with your next binge-worthy obsession. Happy viewing!

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