How To Talk About The Weather In Danish

Regn, frost, sne or hagl, you’ll be prepared for anything with this Danish weather vocabulary!
Bird's eye view over a city in Denmark

The home of hygge, the land of Lego — Denmark has a lot to offer. Whether you’re going there for a short time or a long time, there’s much to explore. Before you embark on your day trekking the Mols Bjerge National Park, however, you’ll want to do one thing first: check the weather. And if you’re learning Danish anyway, you really should try to cover Danish weather vocab pretty early on. Not only can understanding a weather forecast save you from getting caught in a storm, but weather is a universal source of small talk. Nothing breaks the ice like a “Sure is hot today.”

We rounded up some of the essential Danish weather vocab for you, along with some simple phrases so you can start putting the pieces of the language together. Click the play button on each word to hear it pronounced by a native speaker!

Danish Weather Vocab

The Seasons In Danish

a season — en årstid

spring — forår

summer — sommer

autumn — efterår

winter — vinter

a rainy season — en regntid

a dry season — en tørke

Danish Weather Words

a weather — et vejr

a climate — et klima

a degree — en grad

sunlight — sollys

a rain — en regn

a cloud — en sky

snow — sne

wind — en vind

fine — fin

tropical — tropisk

a storm — en storm

temperate — tempereret

overcast — overskyet

a weather forecast — en vejrudsendelse

a thunder — en torden

a lightning — et lyn

a frost — en frost

a blizzard — en snestorm

a hail — et hagl

a drizzle — en støvregn

a rainbow — en regnbue

Danish Weather Phrases

What is the weather like? — Hvordan er vejret?

The sun is shining. — Solen skinner.

The sky is cloudy. — Himlen er overskyet.

It stopped raining. — Det er holdt op med at regne.

A thunderstorm is coming. — Det trækker op til tordenvejr.

A strong wind is blowing. — Der blæser en kraftig vind.

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