How To Compliment Someone In Danish

It’s nice to be nice sometimes.
young man hugging older woman with bouquet of flowers in his arm offering danish compliments

Danish culture isn’t necessarily known for its love of small talk. In fact, real intimacy for Danes sometimes means being able to trade insults and make fun of each other. But if you’re not yet on that level with someone, or if you genuinely feel like saying something nice to someone, it never hurts to know how to dole out Danish compliments when you need to.

Though this is hardly an exhaustive list of pleasantries you can offer, these are good to keep in your back pocket. If nothing else, maybe they’ll be a good jumping off point for your mission to become the most polite Danish speaker in town.

To hear how each phrase is pronounced by a native speaker, press the gray play button.

Danish Compliments

I like you. — Jeg kan godt lide dig.

I love your sense of humor! — Jeg kan godt lide din humor!

I appreciate your honesty. — Jeg værdsætter din ærlighed!

Your dress is really beautiful! — Din kjole er virkelig fin!

That’s what I call smart! — Det kalder jeg klogt!

You are so considerate! — Du er så opmærksom!

That tastes really good! — Det smager virkelig godt!

That song is really good! — Den der sang er vildt god!

You speak Danish well! — Du taler da flot dansk!

I mean it as a compliment! — Det var tænkt som en kompliment!

Very kind, thank you very much! — Meget venligt, mange tak!

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