Can Crystals Help You Learn A Language?

Let’s get mystical.
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Crystals for focus, for energy, for motivation, for anxiety, for communication. There’s a healing crystal that’s thought to help with just about anything you can imagine. But knowing little to nothing about crystals, we approached this topic with a lot of questions: what are healing crystals and what do they actually do? What makes a particular crystal helpful for learning? Can any of this be applied to language learning, specifically? We have a lot of questions to sort through, so let’s start with the basics.

What Are Healing Crystals, And How Do They Work?

In the world of alternative medicine, minerals and other stones are referred to as “healing crystals.” They’re thought to contain properties that help with various aspects of physical and mental health, ranging from warding off heart disease to improving focus and memory.

A key part of this practice involves the colors of the crystals. The color is thought to relate to the stone’s energy and the chakras of the human body. For example, blue opal is connected with the throat and third eye chakras and is said to bring calm and promote clear communication.

If you were to go to a crystal healer, they might place stones on your body near the associated chakras. Additionally, crystals may also be worn on a necklace, placed under your pillow or carried in your pocket.

We should note that Western doctors and scientists tend to consider crystal healing a pseudoscience. Not many studies have been conducted to measure how effective crystals are, but there is thought to be a placebo effect at play that can make users who believe in crystal healing actually feel better in some cases.

Can Crystals Help With Your Language Studies?

Given the placebo effect mentioned above, the answer to this question really depends on whether you believe in crystal healing. If you do, then yes, there are specific crystals that are thought to be useful for various components of the learning process. We’ll get into specifics in the next section, but there are crystals for focus, memory, communication, confidence and mental clarity — all of which could potentially assist you in learning a new language. In that way, it’s a bit like the other alternative learning methods we’ve investigated: hypnosis, sleep and ASMR. These practices won’t teach you a new language or magically make new vocabulary appear in your mind, but they may be helpful in an indirect way.

Which Are The Best Crystals For Focus And Learning?

In order to better answer this final question, I visited the Rock Star Crystals shop in New York City to ask the experts. The store’s assistant manager, who asked to be called Emerald, gave me some pointers on which crystals would be best for learning.

His first recommendation was purple amethyst, which is February’s birthstone.

“Amethyst stone of the mind assists in memory psychic protection, vision and overall mental health,” Emerald explained.

Next, he recommended clear quartz, which “assists in clearing bad thoughts, helps one store memory and assists in purifying the aura.” Not sure what that last part means, but otherwise sounds promising.

Emerald’s final recommendation was fluorite, the multicolored mineral form of calcium fluoride, which is considered a crystal of the mind and can improve mental focus.

“But anything white or purple will do,” he concluded.

Despite being somewhat of a skeptic, I decided to purchase one small amethyst stone and one clear quartz stone out of sheer curiosity. They’re sitting on my desk as I write this, and I have to say, my mind feels a little clearer. But that’s probably just the placebo talking.

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