How To Count To 100 In Swedish

How important is learning the numbers in Swedish? Let me count the ways. Here’s a guide to counting in Swedish, from noll to hundra.
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How To Count To 100 In Swedish

Letters and numbers form the basis for the vast majority of human communication. You probably have the Swedish alphabet down already, so now it’s time to learn how counting in Swedish works. Next time you’re in Scandinavia and need to turn left at the third fjord, or just at Ikea, counting minimalist end tables, it’s handy to know how to list and pronounce the numbers. Here’s a quick guide to counting in Swedish, starting with noll (“zero”).

Counting From Zero To Twenty In Swedish

Starting with the basics, here’s how to count from zero to twenty. Press the play button to hear how they’re pronounced.

Zero — noll

One — ett

Two — två

Three — tre

Four — fyra

Five — fem

Six — sex

Seven — sju

Eight — åtta

Nine — nio

Ten — tio

Eleven — elva

Twelve — tolv

Thirteen — tretton

Fourteen — fjorton

Fifteen — femton

Sixteen — sexton

Seventeen — sjutton

Eighteen — arton

Nineteen — nitton

Twenty — tjugo

The Rest Of The Tens

The next step is to learn the other “tens,” which form the building blocks for all numbers between twenty and one hundred. Again, with a language like Swedish, it’s helpful to hear how the words are pronounced. Press the play button to listen.

Thirty — trettio

Forty — fyrtio

Fifty — femtio

Sixty — sextio

Seventy — sjuttio

Eighty — åttio

Ninety — nittio

One Hundred — hundra

Putting It All Together

Once you’ve mastered the foundational numbers above, you can begin to put it everything together to form all the numbers in between. Fortunately, Swedish makes this very easy to learn. You, quite literally, just put the numbers together. So, twenty-one is tjugoett and ninety-five is nittiofem. That’s all there is to it!

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