How To Compliment Someone In Spanish

For when you’re tired of just saying ‘me gusta’ about everything.
young women reacting to a sweet text on one girl's phone compliments in spanish

You can choose fighting words or loving words — language is vast enough to encompass it all. Yet while it can be a lot of fun how to insult someone, doling out compliments in Spanish is a fundamental conversational skill that you’ll need. Compliments are important for having smooth casual interactions, making friends, and yes, potentially asking out that cutie you’ve had your eye on.

There are many ways to shower someone with verbal kindness, and you’ll probably find it useful to memorize at least a handful of compliments in Spanish so you’ll always come prepared with an appropriate overture. Here are a few of the most common types of love notes you’re likely to encounter in Spanish.

Compliments In Spanish

You’re sweet! — ¡Eres dulce!

You have beautiful eyes. — Tienes unos ojos muy bonitos.

You’re very nice. — Eres muy simpático.

I love your smile, it’s so charming. — Me gusta tu sonrisa, es tan encantadora.

I like your new haircut. — Tu nuevo peinado me gusta.

I like this color, it really suits you! — Me gusta este color, te queda muy bien.

That’s what I call smart! — ¡Esto es astuto!

You are a great cook! — ¡De veras cocinas muy bien!

The meal was delicious. The roast was excellent. — La comida fue muy buena. El asado fue excelente.

You outdid yourself. — Te has superado a ti mismo.

You did a great job. — Has hecho un trabajo magnífico.

I love your sense of humor! — ¡Me gusta tu humor!

I appreciate your honesty. — Aprecio tu sinceridad.

You are so considerate! — ¡Eres tan atento!

You dance well! — ¡Bailas bien!

You look fantastic! — ¡Estás muy guapa! (f) / ¡Estás muy guapo! (m)

I mean it as a compliment! — ¡Era un cumplido!

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