How To Compliment Someone In Italian

It’s never not useful to know how to compliment someone’s cooking.
friends embracing each other and laughing compliments in italian

Words can harm, and words can heal. Words can be used to insult people in increasingly ridiculous and hilarious ways, and words can be used to sweeten someone’s day. If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in learning to make friends, or at least to skillfully navigate a polite exchange. It’s never a bad idea to learn a few compliments in Italian. At the very least, you wouldn’t want to end up at a dinner party and not know how to lavish praise on the host.

Here are a few typical compliments in Italian you can use the next time you’re schmoozing at a work function, meeting someone for the first time or catching up with friends and acquaintances.

To nail your pronunciation, click the play button to hear these phrases voiced by a native speaker.

Compliments In Italian

You are sweet! — Sei dolce!

You have beautiful eyes. — Hai degli occhi molto belli.

You are very nice. — Sei molto simpatico.

I love your smile, it’s so charming. — Mi piace il tuo sorriso, è così affascinante.

I like your new haircut. — Mi piace la tua nuova pettinatura.

I like this color, it really suits you! — Mi piace questo colore, ti sta molto bene.

I knew you would succeed! — Sapevo che ci saresti riuscito.

I was sure you would pass the exam. — Ero sicuro che avresti superato l’esame.

That’s what I call smart! — Questa la chiamo furbizia!

You are a great cook! — Cucini davvero molto bene!

The meal was delicious. The roast was excellent. — Il pasto è stato delizioso. L’arrosto era eccellente.

You outdid yourself. — Hai superato te stesso.

You did a great job. — Hai fatto un ottimo lavoro.

I love your sense of humor! — Mi piace il tuo senso dell’umorismo!

I appreciate your honesty. — Apprezzo la tua sincerità.

You are so considerate! — Sei così premuroso!

You dance well! — Balli bene!

People can always count on you! You are reliable. — Si può sempre contare su di te. Sei affidabile.

You look fantastic! — Sei molto bella!

I mean it as a compliment! — Questo doveva essere un complimento!

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