How To Name And Pronounce Colors In Turkish

Roses are kırmızı, violets are mavi; learn the colors in Turkish and you’ll be feeling suave-y. Here’s a quick guide.
colors in Turkish

Colors are an important part of Turkish art and culture. You’ve probably seen images of colorful Turkish lanterns, or bowls and plates covered in intricate designs. The vibrant reds, blues, greens and purples of these traditional wares are what make them so beautiful and so distinct. When you’re learning to speak Turkish, you want to get the full cultural experience — that’s why it’s useful to review the words for colors in Turkish. Turkish pronunciation can be a little tricky for English speakers, so be sure to click the play button to hear how the words are supposed to sound.

Color — renk

Red — kırmızı

Orange — turuncu

Yellow — sarı

Green — yeşil

Blue — mavi

Purple — mor

Pink — pembe

Brown — kahverengi

Black — siyah

White — beyaz

Gray — gri

Light — açık

Dark — koyu

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