How To Name And Pronounce Colors In Polish

Roses are czerwony, violets are niebieski, here’s a guide to colors in Polish (which can be so pesky). Don’t worry, they’re not so hard once you practice!
Colors In Polish

Without color, the world would be, well, black-and-white. Color plays a vital role in our everyday life. Colors can calm us down, excite us, show others what political parties we support and reveal the beauty of nature. If you’re traveling in Poland and don’t know the colors in Polish, then you go straight back to black-and-white.

This isn’t to say you’ll actually stop seeing colors if you can’t name them, but being able to point out colors is very useful in another language. You might not know the word for everything that you’re looking at, but calling something by its color is a good way to distinguish it from everything else. It’s also a great place to start when you want to learn the Polish language. Here’s a quick guide to the basic colors in Polish to get you started!

Note on usage: the color will go before the noun in a sentence. So if you want to say red dress it will be czerwona sukienka in Polish. Also, if you want to say a color is dark or light, you’ll often attach the words for “dark” and “light,” like in the “light blue” and “dark blue” examples below.

The Colors In Polish

color — kolor

red — czerwony

orange — pomarańczowy

yellow — żółty

green — zielony

blue — niebieski

light blue — jasnoniebieski

dark blue — ciemnoniebieski

purple — fioletowy

pink — różowy

brown — brązowy

black — czarny

white — biały

light — jasny

dark — ciemny

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