How This App Makes It Fast & Easy To Learn A New Language

Find out how Babbel works and how it can help you speak a new language with confidence.

So you want to speak a new language and you’ve seen ads for Babbel, but you’re not entirely sure what it is or how it works? Let’s clear that up. The Babbel Method for teaching languages is easy, effective and designed to get you speaking right away.

When you use Babbel on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet, you’ll take part in 10 to 15-minute interactive lessons, which introduce practical words and phrases that you will actually use in real life. The lessons bring back these words and phrases in various situations to make sure you remember them, and then you’ll use your new vocabulary in simulated conversations so it sticks with you.

Babbel’s app also helps you get the pronunciation right with speech recognition technology and lessons voiced by native speakers. If you ever get stuck, handy tips in your native language pop up to help you along the way. Babbel offers hundreds of topics, so you can learn to talk about things that are most relevant to you.

Watch the video above to learn more about how Babbel helps you speak a new language with confidence!

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