Naming The Parts Of The Body In Norwegian

There’s a whole ‘kropp’ of knowledge waiting to be discovered.
A man and a woman bumping elbows, demonstrating body parts in Russian

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of learning the vocabulary for body parts in Norwegian? Don’t be. If you’ve been studying this language for any amount of time, then you’re probably already aware that a good many Norwegian words sound oddly similar to English words, owing in part to their shared Germanic roots.

For example: “foot” in Norwegian is, well, fot. And how do you say “hand”? Hånd.

Of course, the pronunciation is something that might require some practice, but that’s why we’ve included audio for each word so you can hear how they’re pronounced by a native speaker. Just click the play button to hear them.

Body Parts In Norwegian

a part of the body — en kroppsdel

a body — en kropp

a foot — en fot

a hand — en hånd

an arm — en arm

a head — et hode

a finger — en finger

eyes — øyne

a face — et ansikt

a leg — et bein

a mouth — en munn

a nose — en nese

a knee — et kne

an ear — et øre

a tooth — en tann

a neck — en hals

a back — en rygg

a stomach — en mage

Sentences Involving Anatomy

to shrug one’s shoulders — trekke på skuldrene

I have a headache. — Jeg har hodepine.

He broke his leg. — Han brakk beinet.

I feel sick and my stomach hurts. — Jeg er kvalm og jeg har vondt i magen.

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