Babbel7 Day 1: Introduce Yourself

Today, we kick off our 7-day language-learning challenge by getting to know each other.
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Babbel7 Day 1: Introduce Yourself

Renew your enthusiasm for language learning by joining #Babbel7, our 7-day challenge starting on September 4. It’s guaranteed to get you motivated again in time for fall and connect you with a supportive community of language enthusiasts. Every day, we’re publishing an article with helpful content that will guide your learning for each day’s challenge.

Today’s Challenge

Welcome to your first challenge! Today is easy — simply take a video or picture introducing yourself and share it using the hashtag #Babbel7. Let us know which language you’re learning and why. (Bonus points: find someone else studying the same language and say hi.)

Pro tip: Feeling stuck? See what other people on Twitter and Instagram are saying about today’s challenge!

The perks of completing today’s challenge include:

  • Sticking with your new goal by making a public commitment
  • Meeting a supportive community with a shared goal
  • Connecting with our team here at Babbel (we’re doing the challenge as well!)
  • Getting to know your motivation and language-learning journey a bit better

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