86% Of Americans Surveyed Said This App Made Language Learning Easy For Them

How does Babbel make learning a language easy and effective? Check out what our users think!
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86% Of Americans Surveyed Said This App Made Language Learning Easy For Them

Looking for a way to learn a new language that’s easy and effective? You’re in the right place, according to our users. In a November 2017 survey of more than 2,000 Babbel U.S. subscribers, 86 percent said Babbel made language learning easy for them. Everyone wants an easier way to learn new skills, and the statistics suggest our app delivers. A relatively easy learning process is just the beginning, however. Does the app actually work? And how quickly can you learn a new language? Read on to hear more from our users.

86% Of Users Had Success With Babbel

“Learning a language can be intimidating, but Babbel has made it so easy
for me.”
— Pam Norberg, learning Spanish with Babbel

86 percent of users surveyed said they had success learning a new language with our app over other methods, which means learning with Babbel wasn’t just easy, but effective as well. Feeling successful is key because that’s what you’re trying to achieve when you work toward a goal like learning a language. The fact that so many Babbel users feel like they had success with our app is important to consider.

Sometimes, achieving success can take a long time, and most of us are far too busy to devote our entire lives to one project. But don’t worry, with Babbel you can learn basic conversation skills in your new language in just 15 hours. We understand having a packed schedule, but our lessons only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete, so it’s easy to squeeze one in whenever you have a free moment.

86% Of Users Were Able To Hold A Conversation In A New Language

“The lessons on Babbel are short but very comprehensive. And everything
is applicable to real-life conversation, which I love.”
— Mahtab Habibian, learning French with Babbel

Our survey found that 86 percent of people were able to have real-life conversations in a new language after using Babbel. One of the primary reasons to learn a new language is so you can communicate with other people who speak it. Babbel focuses on teaching you the skills to have real-life conversations, and according to our users, it seems to be working. Our lessons include interactive dialogues to help you prepare for conversations you may actually have when you travel or connect with native speakers.

With practice comes confidence, and 88 percent of people surveyed said Babbel helps them speak a new language with confidence. And when it comes down to it, that’s really our goal. We want to make sure you can actually speak your new language, and that you can speak it with confidence.

94% Of Users Said Babbel Improved Their Pronunciation

“The whole point of learning a language is to be able to speak with people,
and Babbel gets you there.”
— Gregory Martin, learning German with Babbel

94 percent of people surveyed said Babbel helped them improve their pronunciation in a new language. What’s the use of knowing a language if you can’t pronounce the words properly? No one will understand what you’re trying to say. Babbel helps make sure this embarrassing nightmare doesn’t come true. All of our lessons are voiced by native speakers, so you can get a feel for how the language is supposed to sound. Our app also features speech recognition technology to help get your pronunciation on point.

90% Of Users Would Recommend Babbel To A Friend

90 percent of people surveyed said they would recommend Babbel to a friend. You wouldn’t recommend something to a friend unless you really believed in it, so we were thrilled with that result. We take pride in having such a large percentage of happy, satisfied subscribers and work hard to make that number continue to grow!

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