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5 Surprising Things You Can Learn In The Babbel App

From culinary tours of Italy to tricky Spanish tongue twisters, this language-learning app can teach you skills and cultural insights you won’t get anywhere else!
5 Surprising Things You Can Learn In The Babbel App

Learning a language is about so much more than just memorizing vocabulary and running grammar drills. It’s about immersing yourself in a new language and in the culture that goes with it. It’s about learning exciting things that are both interesting and incredibly useful. There are a number of language-learning apps out there, but none is quite like Babbel. The Babbel app is a treasure trove of fun and relevant topics for you to explore.

You can take a virtual sightseeing trip through France, learning about key attractions while practicing the language. Or if interactive wordplay is more your style, you can try your hand at a challenging tongue twister in the language you’re learning.

There are many surprising things to discover in the Babbel app. Here are five of our favorites.

1. A Virtual Sightseeing Tour Through France

Nice, France facts

People learning French with Babbel get an awesome opportunity to take a sightseeing trip around France via the app. Sure, it’s not the same as visiting the actual country, but it’s a great way to prepare for any future trips abroad. In the course, you’ll “travel” through the country, stopping for a lesson in Paris, Nice, Marseille and several other cities. You’ll learn vocab words related to each city’s sightseeing attractions; some interesting historical and geographical facts; and how to have conversations with locals and tour guides. Bon voyage !

2. The Cool Way Swedes Get Their Names

As anyone who’s looked up what their last name means should know, it can be pretty fascinating to discover where people get their names. That’s what you’ll learn in this brand new Swedish course. Learners follow journalist Anna Grankvist while she reports on Swedish surnames and gains interesting insights, like the explanation behind all the names ending in son. (There are a lot!) You’ll also learn about the unusual practice of selecting “nature names.”

3. Hilarious Spanish Tongue Twisters

Try saying this three times, fast: En tres tristes platos de trigo, tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo. That’s one of several tongue twisters you’ll get to try in this Babbel Spanish course. Tongue twisters are featured in most of the languages we offer because they’re a great way to practice pronunciation and master the sounds of your new language. They’re also just super fun!

4. A Virtual Culinary Journey Around Italy

Italian Pasta

Italians are known for making some of the best food on earth. With this course, you can learn the nuances of Italian cuisine while simultaneously practicing your language skills. You’ll join your food guides Michela and Daniel as they teach you about the format of a typical menu at an Italian restaurant, the subtle differences between types of pasta and cold cuts, and what foods you can find in each region of Italy. Prepare to get hungry during this lesson!

5. A Truly Wacky Audio Drama In English

If you’re reading this article, you may not be learning English. However, a new innovative course can still give you a glimpse of the creativity Babbel leverages to teach you languages. The immersive course features a British audio sitcom called “Fowlmouth Farm,” which tells the story of a quirky family and their herd of llamas living on a farm in northern England. The nine-episode drama gives advanced learners an in-depth look at the English language and its various accents, idioms and forms of humor.

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