4 Reasons Why This Language Learning App Is Designed For Traveling In The 21st Century

Subscriptions shape our everyday life and how we travel. We reveal four reasons why it’s helpful to subscribe to a language learning app.

​What shapes life in the 21st century? You’re probably thinking of technological progress, self-realization… and Kanye and Kim. Yep, those are all great answers. But there’s another thing that determines how you live — subscriptions. Not sure what we mean? Here are a few examples. On your way to work, you put your headphones on and open Spotify on your smartphone. In your lunch break you go to the gym, and in the evening you watch Netflix. And if you don’t go to the gym one day, it doesn’t matter because you can still do it the next day. We love subscriptions because they offer a service that we can access whenever we want to — but we don’t have to.

Subscriptions make it possible to live flexibly, whether you’re choosing a TV series or a job. Imagine it’s Saturday and it’s stormy outside. You can easily go to Netflix and watch your favorite series from start to finish. Wouldn’t it be great if we could apply the so-called binge watching principle to other areas of life? With our language learning app, you can binge learn a new language on the way to a new country, so that you’re good to go as soon as you arrive. Here are four reasons why this type of learning is a 21st century innovation!

Reason 1: You can learn the language of your destination on a flight

Are you a world-savvy millennial, or does your career regularly take you abroad? No matter what generation you belong to, the way we travel in the 21st century is dominated by flying. Thanks to short-haul flights, we can hop from one metropolis to the next in two hours. You could watch a movie, but you could also use the time more sensibly, for example, by learning a new language with content developed by learning experts. Then you can use your new basic knowledge as soon as you arrive, and snap up a taxi to the city center. And you don’t even need WiFi, because all of the content is also available offline. The lessons in the beginners’ courses — for all languages — are so efficient that you can finish them before the flight is over.

Reason 2: You can switch language easily with a subscription

With a subscription to the complete range of courses at Babbel, you have 14 learning languages to choose from. You were in Paris last month and brushed up on your French with the advanced course? Pretty cool! Tomorrow you’re going to Barcelona? No problem! You can just switch your language in the app and prepare for your new destination. Who knows where you’re going next? And when it’s time to go back to France, you can just continue learning French where you left off.

Reason 3: Our app is focused on speaking

The two key features are: speech recognition via the microphone and the dialogue trainer. Thanks to speech recognition, you can repeat words and phrases that have been recorded by native speakers. This is how you perfect your pronunciation and you’ll remember the vocabulary better than by just hearing or reading it. The dialogue trainer helps you practice new words in simulated everyday conversations. That way you’re already well-prepared for real life. The main advantage of our language learning app lies in the fact that speaking ability is at the forefront. Because, let’s be honest, it’s much more likely that you’ll have to talk to someone and ask for directions than that you’ll have to write something in a foreign language.

Reason 4: Effective learning with relevant conversation topics

With our app, content builds on itself. You have access to a variety of lessons, and the content is organized according to relevant topics such as public transportation, sightseeing, business trips and negotiations. You can choose which topics you prefer and tailor-make your trip. When you’re there, you can open the course on wine tasting and quickly impress people with what you know.

And let’s not forget, language learning is also fun! It doesn’t need to compete with your other subscriptions, but can actually complement them. It probably won’t take you long to find songs in your new language on Spotify, for instance!

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