13 Steps To Mexicanize Yourself

Do you wish you possessed more south-of-the-border flavor, flair and passion? Forget the stereotypes and check out this light-hearted look at what it takes to “mexicanize” yourself.
  1. Whenever the Mexican national soccer team wins a game, celebrate like crazy at the angel de la independencia.
  2. After a night of partying go directly to a taco stand for some tacos al pastor.
  3. Greet all your friends with, “¿Qué onda wey?”
  4. … and a specially choreographed handshake-hug-handshake combo.
  5. No chili is ever hot enough.
  6. Squeeze lime over everything you eat.
  7. Understand that the phrase “mi casa es tu casa” is taken very literally. If a friend tells you there will be a party at your house, he means his house
  8. If someone asks you if you want a michelada (beer with lime juice and salt) or a michelada cubana (michelada with hot sauce), say, “¡Por favor!”
  9. Don’t drink tequila (you still love it, but ”hijole wey” – that stuff is dangerous).
  10. You are never too old to take a swing at the Christmas piñata.
  11. The three most important things in your life: mamá, the national soccer team, and la virgen de guadalupe.
  12. Say “ahorita” (somewhere between “really soon” and “never”) instead of “ahora” (“now”) at least three times a day.
  13. To express joy say, “¡A huevo!” (“Ah, egg!”).
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