Sustainability: A Guide for C1 Learners with Babbel Live

Learn how to discuss sustainability in a C1 English class from Babbel Live.

Sustainability is a central concept in today's world, especially when it comes to climate change and eco-friendly living. C1 learners who want to improve their conversation skills in this important topic will find a relevant online class with Babbel Live.

Babbel Live class on sustainability

Babbel Live's online classes at C1 level offer advanced learners the opportunity to delve deep into certain topics. Our class on sustainability is specifically designed to equip advanced learners with the skills to competently discuss environmental issues. Together with an expert teacher and up to five other learners, you'll focus on the development and goals of sustainable living, and how to discuss them in English.

Useful words at C1 level English for talking about sustainability

If you want to talk about sustainability in English, a few key words are essential. Here are some helpful terms as a basis for discussion:

  • Sustainability

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Renewable energy

  • Recycling

  • Ecotourism

  • Carbon footprint

  • Environmental protection

  • Sustainable travel

Useful phrases at C1 level English for talking about sustainability

In order to speak competently about sustainability, you should also learn relevant sentences. Here are some examples:

  • "I'm trying to reduce my carbon footprint."

  • "Sustainable travel is important to me."

  • "How can I live in a more environmentally friendly way?"

  • "I am interested in renewable energies."

  • “What measures is the UK taking to protect the environment?”

What will I learn about sustainability in a Babbel Live class?

This Babbel Live class not only provides you with useful vocabulary and expressions, but also deepens your understanding of sustainable living. You will be able to discuss complex topics, express your opinions, and actively participate in discussions surrounding environmental issues.

What can I expect from a Babbel Live class on sustainability?

In this class on sustainable living, you can expect an interactive and engaging learning environment. The class will be led by a qualified instructor specialised in guiding advanced English learners. You will not only learn vocabulary, but also discuss current topics, improve your speaking skills, and develop a deeper understanding of sustainable living concepts.


For C1 learners looking to improve their conversation skills around sustainability, our Babbel Live class – 'Talk about sustainability' – is the perfect choice. Dive into relevant topics, expand your vocabulary, and learn to participate in environmental discussions with confidence.

Taking part in a Babbel Live class about sustainable living is easy: log in to your Babbel Live account, navigate to the C1 English classes, choose the topic of sustainability, and get ready for the class.

Our Babbel Live class on sustainability is specifically designed for advanced learners at C1 level. This means that you should already have a solid knowledge of English in order to participate. Book your class today and unlock your potential in conversing about sustainable topics!
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