How Babbel Live works

The best way to get conversational in your new language? Live, online classes. Find out how you’ll learn and how to get started!

Whether you’re a beginner or a language learning pro, chances are you’ll want to speak your new language in real life at some point, right? What if we told you you don’t need to wait for those opportunities to present themselves? Our live, online classes are the perfect setting for you to practice speaking. They’re all taught by certified and native-level language teachers in small groups of max. 6 students. The classes are structured to get you speaking naturally and engage in conversations about topics you’re interested in. You’ll quickly find yourself training your vocab, grammar and pronunciation but also picking up on useful everyday expressions.

So what’s the benefit over in-person tutoring? Well, for one, those can be very pricey and secondly: Do you really want to rush to a language school after a long, busy day? We’re guessing no. Babbel’s live, online classes are designed to fit into your schedule seamlessly. You can take one on your lunch break or with a cup of tea on the sofa after you’ve put the kids to bed – entirely up to you.

And on top of that, with a Babbel Live subscription, you’ll get free access to the Babbel App, meaning you can continue practicing whenever you have a spare few minutes.

Babbel Live features:

  • Live, online language classes

  • Certified and native-level teachers

  • Focused, engaging conversations

  • Lots and lots of speaking practice

  • The flexibility to learn on your own schedule

  • The full picture of a language

  • Free access to all languages on the Babbel App

Which language skills will I enhance with Babbel Live?

Practicing your new language in a comfortable environment with a native speaker and other learners will naturally expand your vocabulary, train your grammar, improve your pronunciation and teach you conversational skills. Babbel’s live, online classes were developed specifically to give you a space to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and remove that barrier. You’ll gain more and more confidence speaking and will quickly feel more at ease taking your skills to real-life situations. Every live, online class will contain useful, personalized tips that will help you effectively progress on your learning journey. On top of that, you can always continue learning with your free Babbel App – the more you’re exposed to your new language, the more your knowledge will become hardwired and come to you naturally.

Who are Babbel’s live, online teachers?

You’ll never get bored during a Babbel Live class. Our teachers know you’re most likely to achieve your goals when you enjoy learning. In order to ensure that, our teachers structure their class content around relevant topics and the everyday conversations you’ll be having. Keeping everyone engaged is their priority as well as making sure everyone is comfortable and feels at ease with speaking. All teachers are trained professionals that we’ve hand-picked and interviewed in a strict process. They’re also all native or native-level (C2) speakers and hold a teaching certification, so you’re guaranteed to be in the best hands.

How to get started with your live, online language classes

Before diving into your first class, you can take a quick placement quiz to find out what level you’re at. If you’re already using the Babbel App, you can also try two live, online classes for free to get a feel for the class environment and the engaging teaching style.
Depending on your learning objectives, you can choose from three different subscription options: We offer 3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions. Whichever you choose, you’ll have unlimited access to all classes in that time frame. In short: You can take as many classes as you want!

Get started

Babbel Live languages and levels

Babbel Live language selection

We currently offer live, online language classes in German, Spanish, French and Italian. You can access classes to all 4 languages with your subscription. We’ll soon be adding more languages, too.

Babbel Live learning levels

All live, online classes are level-specific. Before you start browsing through our selection, you can filter them based on your current level: They vary from Newcomer (A1), Beginner (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2) to Advanced (C1). Within each level, you’ll find a wide range of classes on different topics and you can be sure that the learning content will match your learning level.

How to book your first Babbel Live class

Choose the subscription plan that suits you and your learning objectives best. Once you’re all signed up, you can browse through all available classes or filter them based on your preferences. You can select your current level as well as the days and times that fit into your schedule. Found one you’d like to join? Click “Book now” to reserve your seat in the class. You’ll receive an email confirmation including instructions on how to join your live, online language class as well as options to add it to your online calendar.

Babbel Live in a nutshell

One thing you can be sure of: Babbel’s live online language classes will catapult you forward on your language learning journey. Not only will you learn about grammar, expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation, but the regular interactions in your new language will ensure you feel more at ease when speaking. Start learning with Babbel Live today, for the conversations and connections you’ll have in the future!

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