Babbel Live: join live online Spanish classes

Start speaking Spanish confidently with live, online classes taught by certified teachers. Get instant feedback and practise in small groups of learners.

Learning a language is an immersive experience and you’re guaranteed to see progress faster if you mix the following ingredients: real conversations, guidance from experienced teachers and interesting learning content. Babbel Live was developed to bring all these elements together, giving you an ideal platform to learn Spanish successfully. 

Find out more about the benefits of learning Spanish via live, online classes. Spoiler alert: There are many!

What are the benefits of learning Spanish in online classes?

There’s a lot to be said about being able to learn a language at a fair price, wherever you are and whenever you have time for it, without the trouble of commuting to a school or looking for a course schedule that is compatible with your lifestyle. 
But that’s not all: Live and online Spanish classes allow you to speak actively in a safe environment, helping you practice for real-life conversations without the fear of making mistakes or being misunderstood – which is the key to making fast and sustainable progress. 
Babbel Live’s online Spanish classes focus on real life topics and allow you to  personalize your learning experiences by choosing your level and your favorite topics among hundreds of available options.

On top of that, every Babbel Live subscription comes with free access to the Babbel App, so you can continue boosting your Spanish skills with your app lessons in between your live classes.


  • Schedule flexibility: Learn Spanish where you want, when you want

  • Active speaking practice with a small group of max. 6 students

  • Guidance and live feedback from qualified and experienced teachers

Join live online Spanish classes

Who are our online Spanish tutors and teachers?

Babbel Live’s Spanish teachers are selected and trained by Babbel with rigorous standards, based on their qualifications and Spanish teaching experience. All teachers are certified language instructors and come with years of experience teaching both in person and online. They all hold a certification or a degree in a language-related field and must be either native speakers or certified CEFR C2 speakers of Spanish.
Thanks to this careful selection you will immerse yourself in the Spanish speaking world, learn new accents and traditions from different countries and actively speak the language under the expert guidance of qualified online Spanish tutors and teachers.

Does Babbel's online Spanish tutoring have a flexible schedule?

The beauty of online Spanish tutoring with Babbel is that you can do it wherever you are in the world just by going online and accessing the Babbel Live platform from your device.  
The schedule is extremely flexible: Browse through daily classes on different topics and for any level, book your favorites online and create a personalized schedule that is truly compatible with your life and working hours. Since our teachers and students are based all over the world, classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: So take your pick! 
And finally, the best part: With your Babbel Live subscription you can book an unlimited amount of classes within a specific timeframe, so you can truly make the most of your purchase. Not bad, right?

How do online Spanish language courses work?

Babbel Live online Spanish classes focus on active conversation, but also tackle grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
Your teacher will guide you through the topic of the day and encourage you to interact, but also give you feedback where needed to help you make faster progress. And you won’t be alone! In each class you will meet other students on your same level, but never more than 6: The number of participants is purposely limited to make sure all students get personalized attention from the teachers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After booking your class you’ll receive instructions and learning materials ahead of time, so you have time to prepare for the class. 

  2. You’ll receive a link to join the zoom call, your virtual classroom, with your teacher and classmates.

  3. You’ll practice conversation, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and much more, based on the learning topic and materials of the day. 

  4. After your class, you can continue learning on the Babbel App and prepare for the next one.

Live and online Spanish tutoring for everyone!

Qualified and experienced teachers, fellow like-minded students from all over the world, easy unlimited access to online Spanish classes and in-app lessons for all levels, complete flexibility… and all at a fair price!
Quality live and online Spanish classes are a reality with Babbel Live and much more affordable than any school tuition. Join our qualified  teachers in classes designed for real-life conversations and you will learn a language, not just words. We can’t wait to hear you speak Spanish confidently!

First steps? Get started and try the Babbel App now!