Norway, situated in northwestern Europe, presents an enticing prospect for travel and career opportunities. Mastering the Norwegian language unlocks numerous avenues for exploration. And fortunately for English speakers, mastering Norwegian phrases proves to be pretty straightforward.

Studying the Norwegian phrases

Whether it is for personal or professional purposes, studying Norwegian will enable you to learn about the people, their culture and their history. The language will add a new dimension to your travels, helping you interact with people that you couldn't before. Learning a language can also increase your brain power and improve your memory as you switch between different languages and memorize new vocabulary.

Learning anything new can feel overwhelming. Lack of confidence often acts as a barrier to new experiences, and one of the biggest hurdles is becoming discouraged. Surely, it must be very difficult to learn a new language. What about grammar and pronunciation? How do I know if I am getting it right? How can I possibly remember so many new words? You may not know where to start, and that's where Babbel comes in.

Useful Norwegian Phrases for beginners

  • Good morning/good evening — God morgen/god kveld

  • My name is — Jeg heter

  • Please — Vær så snill

  • Thank you — Takk

  • How are you? — Hvordan har du det?

  • I’m sorry — Beklager

  • Goodbye — Ha det

Norwegian phrases with Babbel

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