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If you want to learn Norwegian, you're like thousands of people who study this language each year for business and leisure. Norway has a strong economy and an excellent international ranking, which make it a great place to work or visit. It's also a smart place to begin if you want to learn a classical Scandinavian language and possibly communicate in Danish and Swedish as well. Now, you can take Norwegian lessons at home or on the go with Babbel's new language course, and it's free to try.

Classes Designed for You

Babbel's Norwegian lessons are designed around you and tailored to the learning patterns of native English speakers. These classes are accessible to people of all ages, and the interactive interface is easy to use. The program will guide you through the basics and cover a variety of topics that will give you a thorough knowledge of the language.

By studying the habits of English speakers, Babbel's language scientists have predicted learning patterns and designed solutions to help native English speakers learn Norwegian. Compared to other Scandinavian languages, Norwegian is fairly easy to learn. Most students find that verb conjugations and rules for word order follow familiar patterns. However, grammar and pronunciation might be more difficult.

Responsive Language Lessons

In-depth knowledge of learning patterns and languages allows the course to respond to you. Students can select topics and course materials that fit their interests, and the system automatically selects programs designed for your knowledge level. Babbel is like a virtual foreign language teacher that tests your skills and monitors your progress. The review manager feature assesses weaknesses and helps you master problem areas. If you have mastered one area, the system will focus on skills that need more practice.

The Course Overview

These comprehensive Norwegian lessons are designed to expand your speaking, writing, and reading skills. You'll learn at your own pace, and all of the information is presented in sections to help maximize comprehension and retention. These interactive lessons give you a chance to test your skills without simply repeating sentences and common phrases. You can even check your pronunciation with Babbel's speech recognition interface. All you need is a microphone to use this innovative feature.

Learning Technology

Technology is part of what makes Babbel's foreign language lessons fun and effective. Plus, all of the classes are designed for you and your schedule. You can learn from your home computer or study vocabulary words on your mobile phone. The online interface is modern, intuitive and easy to use on a tablet or PC. Once you log in, you can check your status and study Norwegian anywhere. Social networking features and the Babbel Community are also powered by technology. If you want to practice your Norwegian, ask a question or talk to other students, you can find a language buddy online.

Whether you want to visit Oslo or are studying the language for work, there are plenty of great reasons to learn Norwegian. There are also plenty of good reasons to take Norwegian lessons from Babbel. They're affordable, convenient, effective and designed for you. If you're ready to practice your Norwegian skills, you can try a lesson now. Then, you can sign up for a free account and take a free first lesson immediately. You'll see why Babbel is the best way to learn Norwegian.

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