Learning Polish

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Learning Polish

“Language is a steed that carries one into a far country” is an old Arabic Proverb that is as true today as it was in ancient times. The only difference is that learning a language today is much easier because of the wide range of options available and methods used. Learning the Polish language has never been more straightforward, and there are a number of ways to do so.

Why learn Polish?

There are numerous benefits to learning to speak the Polish language. It makes travel much easier as you’ll be able to both understand and speak the language, making your trip a more rewarding experience. Poland is a beautiful country full of culture and history, and speaking the Polish language will allow you to chat with the warm and friendly locals. Learning a language also looks good on a CV. It opens up a variety of work options, as the Polish economy is growing constantly and lots of companies, polish and internationals, are setting up their offices in important polish cities like Warsaw or Krakow.

How to learn Polish?

One way to learn Polish is to attend a class. The benefits of this are that you are learning from a trained teacher and also have the help of fellow students. You’ll get a lot of help with pronunciation and grammar and will most likely use books and visual aids. The only drawback is that not every college offers courses to learn Polish and it may not be feasible to travel. You’ll also have to learn at the same pace as the class, which may or may not be suitable as everyone learns at different speeds.

Other methods of learning Polish include getting an interactive CD and using it on a computer. It allows you to learn Polish at your own pace using a variety of methods. These range in price, however, and people often find that they prefer to have someone they can refer questions to, as well as having fellow students to speak with. Other people like to access courses on MP3 or CD format, listening to the language being spoken. Although this does help with pronunciation, there’s no one to refer questions to. Another method is to use an online platform, which offers a variety of methods to help with learning Polish, and although effective, they tend to range widely in price.

Learning Polish with Babbel

Like anything that is worth doing, learning Polish takes time and patience. To learn Polish with Babbel is a fun and flexible method at an affordable price. It uses modern software and technology to make language learning interactive and enjoyable, and can be accessed both online and on mobile devices. It offers help with reading, writing, listening and pronunciation, with a review manager tracking your progress and identifying problem areas. It’s a well-established name in language learning, having helped over 7 million users since 2008, and has a strong online community so that you aren’t learning Polish alone. Before long you’ll be raising a glass of Polish beer, speaking the Polish language and saying “Na Zdrowie!” (Cheers!)

Learning Polish